Thursday, February 28


i'm jami and i blog over at call me blessed {sometimes}.
i've been married to my bff Bill for almost 15 years.
we have 4 glorious kids, 2 dogs and 3 chickens.
it's basically a zoo but i love every minute of doing life with this man.
here's our love story.


bill and i met when we were 16. we were both working in a gift shop at the local theme park and...are you ready? it's pretty romantic. 
we were paired up to walk around and sell glow in the dark necklaces and balloons.
i know, i'm not sure why a movie hasn't been made about this yet.
i will admit i liked him right away. maybe it was the gold chain with the basketball charm or the lowered red truck with the rims and the bumpin stereo system. i'll never be sure. but i do know that he made me laugh.
 all   the   time.
he says he liked me right away too which i will contribute to the permed hair and super long fake fingernails.


we spent a lot of time together that summer and into my junior year.
we went to different high schools so when my winter formal came around naturally i asked him to go with me. it would have been awesome. you know, going with the mysterious boy from another school. 
and here comes the moment i will never let him forget...
he said he couldn't go because it was "against his religion to dance".
let me make this clear. there was no religion.
 he told me later he was just scared of a public school dance.
 you know how those public school kids are.
and that's where i thought our story would end.
after that he didn't call me for 9 months.
there were some tears.

then out of the blue one day he called me.
i don't have an exact count, but i probably listened to his message about 50 times and played it for my bestie about 15.
we've been together ever since.
he smartened up and even took me to my senior prom. we survived living in two different states for a year and 3 more years of him attending UCLA while i was at UCSB.
and after 6 years we were married.


for the next 4 1/2 years we just did our thing. living, working, all the usual stuff.
this is where Jesus swooped in and flipped everything upside down.
after having our first son i had an overwhelming feeling we were missing something.
i guess it's cliche but i really felt there had to more to life than what we were doing.
we found a local church through friends and began attending.
admittedly i was more enthusiastic about it than bill, and if i remember correctly there was a lot of nagging and not so subtle suggestions of why we should be going to church and why he should go on that men's retreat.
ladies, a little piece of advice...
this doesn't work.
you're welcome.
it took some time.
and it took some devastating difficulties in our lives and marriage.
God used all of those things to capture both our hearts and change us forever.
those valleys were the things that showed us we are in it for the long haul. they were the things that showed us we all fall short but we can love each other despite of it.
these were the times were learned forgiveness, because we knew He first forgave us.


the overwhelming love i feel for this man is simply a result of the love God has shown me.
i love him because he loves the Lord.
i respect him because he leads our family and sets an example of serving others.
i cherish him because he takes such sweet care of the kids and i.
we have been blessed with a life and love that is more than what i ever hoped for.
not because it's perfect, far from it.
but because our family's hope is in Christ.
we have nothing to fear.

and the best part?
after 15 years and 4 kids?
he still makes me laugh.
 every day.



  1. tears over here. god is so faithful, love your story!
    and you, jaimey xo

  2. totally crying Jami! love you. so thankful for your story. God is so good! :)

  3. Love this!
    laughing at the gold chain and lowered trendy.

  4. Beautiful story! God is GREAT! Happy you have someone to laugh with :)

  5. Beautiful story and beautiful family!

  6. God is so faithful! It totally shows through your story.

  7. Can't believe I never saw this! Wonderful! So blessed to know you guys xo