Wednesday, February 20


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hi! i'm so very happy to here today. i'm emily and i share bits of our life and my passions at blueberry's blog. i am married to the love of my life, brandon. we have three children, branson(my step-son) and our children together, emerson and gemma. i love our love story and hope you will enjoy reading it.

our story starts many years ago, as two lost souls, living separate lives, not knowing what Jesus had in store for us.  i was a preacher's kid, raised in the truth and the word. around the age of 17, i walked away from the truth i knew, to pursue life the way i felt it should be pursued. sex, drugs and rock & roll. i was broken, lonely, and ashamed. his started as someone who never knew the truth. Jesus was never part of his life. he lived an angry, bitter life. he went into every situation to prove that he was in control and to prove you wrong. he hurt people and himself this way.

in the late summer of 2006, God brought these two broken souls together. it was the LAST thing we ever expected. i was 24 and only a year before this, i had turned my life around. i was back in church, and had walked away from the lifestyle that had hurt me so. but most importantly, i had made a decision that i was done dating guys who were not Christ-followers. this is where God pulled the rug out from under me. Brandon. when i met brandon he was 29 and he was still the lonely, angry man i described above. he was recently out of a bad 5 year relationship, had a 4 year old son, and had no interest in the Lord. technically, i had met brandon when i was 14, but he was 20 and just the older brother of a sweet friend. 10 years later, that same friend asked me to dinner and asked if was ok if her brother and his friend came too. i say sure, no biggie, doesn't effect me. HA! that night, we couldn't keep our eyes off of each other. we talked all night. my heart was leaping. i gave him my number, not really thinking he would ever use it.

the next day, i was having major discussions with myself. what was i doing? this guy wasn't a christian. farthest thing from it. then he text me. oh crap. i decided to just get this over with. i called him to lay it all out. i told him who i used to be and that i didn't want to be that person anymore. i told him if he wanted anything to do with me, he had to come to church with me. i waited for the click of the phone. all i got was, "ok, i'll come." really, Lord?

he came, and he never stopped coming. he fell in love with Jesus. i never saw a life transformed the way Jesus so radically changed my husband's. we committed our relationship to the Lord and in September 2007 we were engaged. thru pre-marital counseling we learned just how much we wanted our marriage to be like Christ and the church. we were married on April 12, 2008. my broken, lonely, ashamed heart was healed. his angry, bitter, lonely heart was softened and healed.

and this man, he is an amazing husband. he is the most selfless man i have ever met. he puts me before anyone and anything. i never doubt my worth to him or his love for me. and i try, to the best of my ability to honor him as a wife who respects and loves her husband as Christ loves the church.

while our lives, before giving them to Jesus, left us with scars, they also taught us so much. that marriage is not meant to make us happy - we had tried to make our lives happy and we were miserable. that our marriage will bring us more joy than we could possibly imagine, when we surrender it to Lord and let Him use it to make us more like Him. we fail more than we would like to admit, but we have committed to get back up and do the hard work of a life long marriage. because we believe in it and know that thru Jesus, all things are possible.  just look at what He has done so far.


  1. Such a sweet story. I consider myself lucky to have seen it unfold and to watch it still. I like to pretend that I dont like your dude (thats what little sisters are for is it not?) - but I couldnt be happier that you two have found each other.

  2. What a great story! The Lord's plans are untouchable.. what a perfect example of heart change and the Lord's purpose in marriage :)

    1. your story in God's powerful.

  3. This is beautiful:) Thank you for sharing Emily!

  4. I love this story, so beautiful.

  5. God redeems again and again. How lovely your story!
    I love what you have to say about marriage: it is not meant to make us happy. We live for Him and from that come good things. Thanks for sharing!