February 6, 2013


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When Danielle asked me to write our love story I didn't hesitate. I love thinking about how we met...how God brought us together. I've written about our story before. It started in high school. Long story short I fell for the bad boy. We all do it. We think they need us...that we can change them. I fell hard and got majorly hurt. My honey came after that hurt. He was ALL good. He saw past the pain and took care of me. Nice role reversal...

I first laid eyes on him in church. We were 16. He was visiting...sitting with this girl. I couldn't take my eyes off him throughout the service. He had his hands raised praising God. He was really cute. The girl ended up being his sister...yes!  They eventually joined our church and through our youth group we became friends. He teased me something awful, which I kind of hated...so I never saw him as boyfriend material.  We were just teasy friends;)

Meanwhile I had made a vow to pray over my future husband. I kept the list under my pillow. One night I had a dream about my friend. I'd never thought of him that way, but all of a sudden I just knew he was the one. I finally felt that attraction.

We were both in church choir and ended up taking a choir trip to London, and somehow we ended up sitting next to each other on the plane;)  He held my hand as we landed. Sparks flew. He felt it too. When we got back home we were inseparable.

We dated all through high school and then on one fateful August afternoon, a year after our high school graduation, we took that leap of faith and decided to say I do. We were nineteen. That was twenty years ago. Crazy! There is no one I'd rather be with. We just click. There's an ease. I can be off and he loves me unconditionally.

The "secret" to our marriage is no secret at all. He's my soul mate. My best friend. The best daddy to our girls. My honey... I love and respect him with all my heart. We treat each other good. The Lord brought us together and keeps us centered on Him.

We've gone through trials just like every one else, but I can't fathom going through them with anyone else. So that's our story in a nut shell. Thanks Danielle for making me think about the past. It's good to retrace your steps...to see how God has directed your life. Wondering where the next 20 will take us...

Be a blessing 


  1. So enjoying these real life love story's. Much better than the Bach, however I was hoping you might have a recap from last night to possibly save me from watching today. I have read Becky's blog for quite some time and she is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. what a sweet story.....you have been blessed <3!!

  3. That is one A-MAZING love story, Becky! God orchestrated it all! Here's to many more wonderful years together!

  4. i LOVE this! such a sweet love story. :)


  5. Welllll... how great is this?! I can't wait to be 20 years down the road and still be madly in love. It's so exciting! Thanks, Becky!

  6. What a beautiful beginning to your lives together. Love it!

  7. I too am blessed to be married to my best friend. 17 years and there is still no one I'd rather be with! I also prayed for my future husband and now I pray for my daughter's future husband. I tell her to pray for him and that when the time is right God will send him to her. It's so nice to read about another couple so in love! God bless you all!

  8. danielle--my friend just shared this bracelet with me http://the-brave-collection.myshopify.com/products/true-red-brass-brave-bracelet and i immediately thought of you! not only does it say "brave" in Khmer the language of cambodia, but the proceeds also go to help girls coming out of sex trafficking!

    and also, love these love stories. hope to have my own one day<3

  9. Becky, I enjoyed reading your love story. One August day, at nineteen my sweet husband and I took the leap of faith... now almost 27 years later we are still going strong. Many people told us it wouldn't work. So glad to see another couple that God blessed at an early age.

  10. You guys are adorable. I had a list, too... and God was so faithful to it. Beautiful story, Becky!

  11. beautiful story... I have decided to make my own List /Prayer Vow mainly because you've inspired me with your list I'm 17 fixing to be 18..Soon & I have been worrying about the future & what Guy God has for me Right now i have a special someone I do love him & I did Pray already during 30 days..To God about him & if I we're to Stay in his life & he to stay in my own, & God answered my Prayer with a "Stay i have a plan for you guys" so i have decided to Just Keep Waiting in God's waiting room.. I started off as friends with em then realized i had feelings for em & such Prayed about it..long ago when i was younger n my bedroom about my Future Husband..I believe God has heard my prayer & has put my June in my Life for a Reason & could possibly he could be my Future husband..,but Time will Tell & God Will Guide me Always & Will Lead me to where i'm suppose to be..& God will reveal his plan for my Life in the Future...I hope I'll have a good husband like you have becky ...Thanks for sharing..God bless ya guys.