Tuesday, February 26


ashley blogs at the vanilla tulip

Hey guys! My name is Ashley and I blog over at The Vanilla Tulip.
 I'm so honored that Danielle asked me to share my love story with you today.
There's something about sharing your love story that makes you fall head over heels in love with your guy all over again...wouldn't you agree?! :)

I met Travis for the first time when I was 18.  
I was a freshman at our little Baptist college and he was a sophmore.
I vividly remember the first time I saw him.
I was walking into the cafeteria with a group of girlfriends 
and he was walking out with a group of football players.
He was wearing red athletic pants and had the prettiest blonde hair 
(which is funny because he doesn't have it anymore ;) ).
I thought he was the cutest football player I had ever seen!

Our groups of friends hung out that year.
And our friendship grew.
We flirted and perhaps even held hands. :)
But being the silly freshman that I was I told him I didn't want to date anyone.
So that was that.
He dated someone else.
And eventually I did to.
And our friendship turned into the kind where we said "hi" in passing and that was it.

Fast forward a few years.
I was a senior in college.
And he was a fifth year senior.
Both of us single.
And both of us ready to be done with college and moving on with life.

In November during finals week (right before Christmas break) 
we happened to sit by each other in the computer lab.
We chatted and exchanged phone numbers.
And once again flirted.

He went home to Texas for a month.
And I stayed back in Missouri with my family.

And we talked...and talked..and talked on the phone that whole month.
It was a sweet time.
Just getting to know one another!

As soon as we both got back from Christmas break we were inseparable.
We never talked about dating one another.
It just happened.
Within a month of dating (around January) 
I remember sitting in my apartment talking about when we would get married.
We both just knew :)

We both graduated college in May.
He moved back to Texas to look for a job and I stayed behind in Missouri.
Those summer months away from him were so hard!
I boo-hoo'd every day for my guy :)

We talked about getting engaged but he was still looking for a coaching job...thus no money for a ring.
But being the stinker he is he showed up in July at my parent's house with a ring and a proposal!

We were ready to get married so we kept the engagement short.
October 28th was the big day!

We were married at my home church in Missouri and had our reception outside at a state park.
It was a perfect day.
I hadn't seen Travis for a few months so finally being reunited was so wonderful!
I loved our wedding.
Fall leaves, mums, pumpkin pie all wrapped around a wedding.
Perfection :)

Since we weren't willing to wait we were a tad crazy and got married during football season
 (Travis is a football coach here in Texas).
Which meant a short two day honeymoon to Lake of the Ozarks (in Missouri).
After our honeymoon we drove down to Texas and that's where we've been since!

It was a whirlwind of a romance.
We went from dating to engaged to married within 10 months!

It makes me smile thinking about how "in love" I thought I was.
Little did I know I would grow to love him times a million since then.
I adore my husband and best friend.
He is my constant in life.
Always steady and level headed.
Always looking out for me and wanting the best for our family.
Always looking to the Lord to lead our family.

We've now been married six and a half years.
And in that time we've added four little ones.
Our newest addition just a few weeks ago!

The theme of our wedding was "Great is thy faithfulness".
The Lord had been so faithful in bringing us together.
And He continues to be faithful in our marriage and in our family.
I can't wait to grow old with my best friend and continue on with our love story! 


  1. Awwwwww, what a sweet love story! Beautiful couple and look at those adorable kids! Blessings to your family. ( :

  2. OH! I love this! What sweet pictures! Love seeing y'all as newlyweds! What a beautiful dress!

    Lance and I were the SAME way...but even shorter time. We dated when he left for boot camp, only really dating over letters. He left the first part of OCT and Thanksgivign weekeend we were engaged, then married Jan 5. And been married 11 years now. HOLY COW!

    Love y'alls sweet smiles! Y'all are too cute!!!

  3. I love Ashley. Her story is one of my faves :)

  4. Such a beautiful love story!
    And those kids are so adorable!

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