Monday, January 14


here we go!

abc, you're killing me with the shower shot to start the episode off. and i mean killing me cause it's so redic. i wasn't kidding that i think sean wrote the shirtlessness into the contract.

we all are shocked that sean came in a helicopter to pick up sarah. oh wait, NO WE'RE NOT. cause it happens every season. i don't know why kacie is acting like she is surprised? been there, done that, kace.

sarah's a little whiney for me. i mean, i like the girl and all. but seriously cannot take the whine.
as long as he's holding me next to him. girlfriend can scream. i am happy she got a rose. she is nice and pleasant. but also, there's the whiney voice thing. the kiss with sarah and sean was sort of strange to me. it felt like she couldn't reach his lips. does it make you feel weird that i just wrote a sentence about reaching his lips?

who is katie with the fro and where did she come from? the fact that she just said homegirl makes me like her. but, ohp. she's gone. buh bye.

am i the only one who doesn't know what a harliquim book is? am i spelling that right?

kristy the model loves modeling so much. so.much. which i guess is great since it's her career and now she will be gracing the cover of three romance novels.

lesley is supa cute.

and daniella. ah! she is something else. i think she might need to leave tonight. yes, yes she does need to.

i really liked kacie b on ben's season but something about going back on the bachelor has sort of changed all those emotions in me. mkay?

desiree is cute. zoe deschenl. katie perry. what what. i like that she asks if dinner was burnt. and i like her red lipstick. DEZ.

what is this corn and broccoli? so random. good thing he didn't bring the vegan who loves beef. i didn't get that joke. is he the beef? i still don't like that joke.

i LIKE DEZ! that sentence would be more powerful if it said love but i can't commit to love just yet.

alright here's my girls i like right now: dez, lesley (the blonde… are there two?), wedding dress girl, catherine, robin.

dubbya tee h is up with amanda? split personality?

and WHAT IS KACIE'S HAIR?! the poof! that is some TALL hair, girl.

who is ashLEE? i don't even remember him talking to her and she gets the first rose at the ceremony.

over and out. can't wait til next week to see who pushed tiara over!


  1. hahaha love this. Perfect recap :)

  2. I read this last night before I watched the show and was a bit confused but you def hit the nail on the head. Love DEZ too. She'll be one of the last ones for sure!

  3. haha... love it.
    i'm doing a bachelor bracket at work that i need to fill out by Friday...

    can't wait to follow your commentary every week :)

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  4. Harlequin novels are romance novels, named Harlequin for a British company that published them (or something like that).

  5. i like dez. i like catherine. (they both seem so normal.)

    i also missed the first half because i lead a college-girls small group. i need to watch in detail.

    i also wish that i could watch it with you.

  6. I don't know how I stumbled across your blog just now, but I'm so happy I did! I've NEVER watched an entire season of The Bachelor, but for some reason decided to watch it this go around. However, I HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT!! I keep trying to get my sister to watch it so we can talk about it, but so far she's "too busy." Too busy??? C'mon, this is important stuff. Totally NOT a time waster. Anyway, I loved reading your post about it and will check back weekly to see your thoughts. And GO DEZ!! ( ;

  7. Love the recap. :) Here are my faves: Ashlee, Taryn, Dez, and Kacie (I actually loved her on Ben's season and love her even more on Sean's because I feel like Sean is a good guy.) I also like Sarah, Lesley, and Robyn more after this episode... I feel way too invested in this show. Ohhh well. :)

  8. love reading your re-cap! I only let myself read it though after I've written mine because I don't want mine persuaded in anyway. so fun to read another's thoughts! and I don't usually get to watch bachelor until tuesday or wednesday so my re-caps are late. But so fun to do and so fun to read yours.

    i called katie..crunchy katie...she was the barefoot chick on the first night. i called it then that she wasn't his type nor cut out for the show. i love DEZ...i hope she isn't the one with a boyfriend back home. she seems too sweet. there are a lot of girls i love this season and a lot of more 'real' things going one this Robyn addressing race. I loved that! until next week homegirl!

  9. I like Dez too. I think she's my favorite right now.

  10. I like Dez. I'm with you though, can't commit to LOVE just quite yet. Also, Sarah? I like her .. But I wish ABC would stop honing in on the fact that she has one arm. I get it. That's her "story". But I'd like her much more if the camera would stop zooming in on the arm & she would talk about something other than her "disability"!