Friday, January 18


Hi! I’m Lyndsay Almeida, a lifestyle photographer from sunny North Florida, and I happen to think Danielle has one of the most inspiring blogs on the ‘ole internet. She has become one of my favorite reads. Her posts are positive, encouraging, and full of truth, and I’m so honored to be hijacking her site today and getting to know her amazing readers!

So... nice to meet you.

Over on my blog, Pink Coffee Photo, I post my latest photoshoots, crafty projects, outfit posts, photography tips, and rambles about my family and faith. If we're going to be blog friends (and I so hope we are!) here are a few more things you should know: I love Jesus Christ and strive to live a life that honors Him. He is by far the most important part of my life and defines everything that I do. In fact, he IS my life. My husband, Anderson, and I have the cutest little boy (Kingston Rock) in the world. It's true. There was a scientific study, and he won. ;) I started Pink Coffee Photo five years ago; and bright colors and coffee make me a happy girl! Thrift stores are my favorite places to shop, and most of my "down time" (all ten minutes a day!) is spent making crafty DIY projects.


If you’d like to come say "hi!" (or "hey!" like me) head on over to Pink Coffee Photo. And if you’re really ready to commit(!) you can follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram too. Happy Friday!!!