Monday, January 7



quality blogging again.

i know you all have missed my bachelor commentaries. i feel like i owe it you to continue on with this… legacy.  don't you agree?

i should preface this post by saying that sean was my runner up pick, to jeF, for emily. i think she may be kicking herself that she didn't pick him. that's just a wild guess though. i should also say that i already read who won this season already on reality steve. i don't know what else to say except i'm sorry. i don't even remember her name but i'll never forget her face. okay, that's a lie. i am pretty sure i will have no idea who she is once the show starts… 

onto the live blogging: 

sean is READY for this, with his flesh colored hair, there is nothing stopping him. what is sean's career, exactly? an underwear model? i'm not really sure. i mean. a little treadmill running and weight lifting to start off the season right. can't even handle it. 

sean, i'm not sure if God's plan for you is to make out with twenty five women on the same day. but i could be totally wrong about that. i could also be totally wrong about His plan for me to watch this show. HA.

shirtless rock climbing. i think sean may have written into the contract with abc that he needed to be shirtless the entire season or he wouldn't do it. 

arie's all, shoot. why am i not the bachelor? but i have my own feelings on why he's not. ahem.

someone help me with the will you accept this rose talk. i can barely watch cause i am embarrassed for them. 

"you're kissing with your whole body" dubbya tee h. 

sean: i see myself spending the rest of my life with one person. i mean… i hope so.  

is the fifty shades of gray girl serious? which, btw, i have not read that book and you can read how i feel about it that, here. (preach it, leslie.) she has actively searched for a boyfriend but has no idea why she doesn't have one. i just don't know, ash. 

i didn't know there was such thing as a professional organizer. but she might want to come here. now.

is it just me or do do sean's eyes seem to be a bit bulging while meeting the ladies? 

what is that handshake? and should i change my name to daniella

kelly is so…. tan. 

i like catherine. and, diana, i think. 

the handstands. i have nothing else to say about them.

tierra. i think you might be crazy. i just get am getting an inkling. maybe it's your name? i don't know. 

omgosh. barbie. 

i can't bear with any more introductions. someone hold me. 

kacie b. what what. she has such a coy smile. 

um taryn. if you don't fight for guys… you're probably on the wrong show. 

rose ceremony: can't deal with the way kacie is looking at the camera.  

can barely keep my eyes open. there's so much fun to come, guys! can you take it? 


  1. ahhh, love this.
    i heart the bach.
    and your commentary.

    but - if you are to post a spoiler,
    i MIGHT have to un-follow you.
    please promise you won't...
    because i also heart your blog.

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

    1. there will be no spoilers! promise promise. :)

  2. This night couldn't come soon enough!!! I am going to have the hardest time not reality Steve-ing who he picks. I want the magic to last! Bgahaha

  3. danielle. i just want to thank you for the literal laugh out loud moment you gave me. my abs got a workout like they've never seen.
    i think the professional organizer is probably crazy and OCD.
    i also like catherine and diana.
    and that TAN girl...maybe she was voted off because she looked really fake or because it was obvious she was trying to get a record deal.
    i'm okay with any amount of shirtlessness.

  4. His hair IS flesh coloured, isn't it? -shudder-


  5. Everything you said, I was thinking- exactly!

  6. I couldn't believe what a mess some of those girls were! I was embarrassed for them.

  7. You just tickle me so, Danielle! Every time one of these starts, I swear I'm not going to watch. It's all kind of icky and fake and full of insane drama. And yet...I'm drawn to the cRaZiNeSs like flies to honey. I, too, got so tickled at your precious post! Can't wait to keep up with your weekly reviews. Sean, I believe, is in some kind of insurance position. I know--y'all don't really care much about what his real job is. If he has one. He's from Dallas so our ABC News affiliate peeps sometime know a little too much! I'm not even tempted by that Steve Guy. I'm totally on board with Mindy and Jess and love the other gals funny comments, too. I'm old. A Grammy. Who prays our three granddaughters never ever EVER do anything like this show. But, as I said, I'm intrigued.

  8. Oh my gosh...everything you said is so true! And that 50 shades girl...drove me batty. I figured she'd be another Courtney...

  9. What is happening. I don't watch it but are you telling me a girl on that show is marketing herself by associating with that book? Brother. That's a sad state of affairs if what you've got to offer has to hinge on that.

  10. Omg I Ssoooooo glad you are doing this again! I can't stop laughing! I love the bach but I love your blog about it more! I'm very tempted to go on reality steve for the spoiler. Just. Can't. Fight. The. Temptation. :) Love you and your blog missy!

  11. I, too, know the end thanks to Reality Steve. Except you're much nicer for keeping it to yourself, because I threaten to reveal it to my friends and I already told my sister.

    The introduction gimmicks keep getting worse and worse. Who was the first girl that came out? She's the only one I kind of remember because she just acted like a normal human and introduced herself and went inside.

  12. ha yay for catherine!

    so she was a cheerleader in high school with one of my very very good friends. my friend says catherine is "super sweet" and "funny" BUT in high school "she always dated guys longer than they deserved."

    another friend went to jr. high church group with her... but hasn't talked to her since... so for what it's worth...

  13. p.s. the bachelor is MADE for commentary and giggling. i don't like to watch it alone-- it's better with a bunch of my friends so we can just talk about how ridiculous it is. the music, the close-up shots-- how many times they made sean look off into the distance in the intro...

  14. Gahhhhhahaha!!! I said out loud at my tv STOP!!!! Sean & Ari...sooooo awkward! The kiss talk was the worst!!!!
    And the introductions, so painful! I had to look away.
    So I loved Tierra at first but the previews...ummm maybe not. Organizer girl rocks. Senator girl is gorgeous but bossy.
    I considered not watching this time, but here I am again ;)

  15. YAY for bachelor posts!!! I love these, you always make me laugh :)

  16. I wish you could come watch with me and my gals, you would fit right in! Next week I will have a glass of wine for you :)

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