Tuesday, January 22


y'all. i did watch the bachelor last night, of course. 

i sat down to watch it, opened my computer to live blog it, and then said to myself, nah. i'm not gonna blog it.  i had a sudden urge to curl up on the couch and be engrossed in all it's cheesy glory. i will recap next week, and include my thoughts from this week's episode in that post. you all can breathe a huge sigh of relief now, i know. 

in more important, non reality tv news, i have something super sweet to share with you tonight. 

my dear friends, ashley & carina, have started a new shop! bow + arrow art is a creative collaboration between these two talented gals and you all must go check it out now

i'm excited to share that they have kindly featured some of my prints in their shop this month. holla.

you guys should probably head over there now, dontcha think? go get yourself some pretty new prints!