Sunday, January 13


well. it's january.

which means we're all trying to lose a little weight. or is it just me and y'all are eating cupcakes while watching the golden globes tonight? you better be suffering with me, girlfrans. 

i never really knew my weight growing up. i just never weighed myself, didn't care, and didn't pay attention at physicals, i guess. i was never the skinny girl. and that didn't, and doesn't, bother me. i've always been a confident girl though. not because i think i'm hot stuff but, because i know that God made me in His image, and my worth is in Him, and not what any one else thinks. i have a husband who makes me feel the most beautiful woman in the world… even at my ugliest, physically and emotionally. so, now, when times like this happen and i know i need to lose some poundage, it usually boils down to me going back and forth with myself saying, geez! i need to lose some of this weight! can i still even call this baby weight? and eh, it isn't that bad, and i really love food, so whatev. 

these past five years, of course, i have known my weight very well, having been pregnant three times. i am happy, and proud, to say that right now i weigh twenty pounds less than i did right after i had story girl. but i've still got a way to go. i'm not gonna go crazy here, people. could i afford to lose forty pounds? uh. probably. but let's be real here and go with twenty. not looking to labeled thin, just looking to get a little healthier. 

yes. my pregnant belly is no joke. 

and here's the only other time i knew my, roundabout, weight. cause it's the day before our wedding and i had tried to lose a little. and then probably gained ten pounds on our honeymoon. whatev.

 (hi, di! your wedding day is next! love you.)

 this picture is blurry, but i love it, so much. my pastor who dedicated me, baptized me, married me, and now has dedicated all three of my children, praying over caleb and i the night before our wedding. i've got my husband-to-be on my right, one of my best friends on my left, caleb's brother jason laying his hand on caleb, praying over us, and my sweet little flower girl cousin. i love the way that caleb is peeking at me. 

annnnnd i was twenty pounds thinner here. so i'll add that to things i love about this picture, too.
so i am making this my goal weight. it seems fitting.

i still have that little black dress. i won't put it on and take a picture. DON'T WORRY.

my crazyawesome girlfriends and i decided to do this thing together, and motivate, or sabotage?, each other for six weeks and see who could lose the most weight. and then we named it, shared about it on instagram, and got a whole slew of other precious ladies in on it…. i give you… 

follow along with me on instagram! and with our hashtag, #alittletoofluffy. these ladies are legit. 

so thirty-six of us are playing, for five more weeks, to see who can lose the most percentage of weight and win the big bucks: $360. 

this first week has been kind of crazy. i am in a better state of mind right now, but to let you get a good grip on how i feel… here is a little text collage from conversations with friends this past week. names removed to protect their privacy. what? bloggers are all about privacy. 

so. ya. twenty pounds might be harder than i thought.

if i eat one more bite of egg white and spinach i may throw up a little.
but, i'm in this, friends.

six weeks. hold me to it. 


  1. You are beautiful girl. I wish I'd known about this- trying to lose my baby #4 weight! good luck- that extra cash would be fun!

  2. those texts have me laughing so hard, you are gorgeous girl!!!!!!

  3. oh.
    dubbya tee h.

    can't breathe over those (familiar) texts.

    praying for you! we've got this! isn't it awesome to have so many sweet girls along with you, suffering the cupcake lack together?

    love you! xo

  4. Ugh, I know! Eating healthy just makes me fantasize about enormous piles of kettle-cooked chips, and Nutella on toast and brownies fresh out of the oven and goat cheese and...okay. I'll stop now and go cry into my veggie cup.


  5. you are gorgeous. and you know that i can help you if you need or want it. you dont even have to leave your house. :)

  6. Love the texts haha!! I just have to say...20 lbs less than before story?!!' That is AMAZING! Mark is 9 mos and I'm about 3 lbs away from my before weight. The weight gain and loss that comes with babies is a little crazy. You are beautiful! Good luck on the challenge. 360 is a really nice incentive! Oh also dying over spinach and egg whites - I ate so much of that after having zach that I haven't eaten it since.

  7. I just have to say that I love your attitude and outlook on life. I love how it is so based in Christ. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose a little weight those and those texts are priceless. Nothing better than having the support of losing weight with girlfriends.

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  9. I don't know if this is any encouragement at all, but I started trying to lose 10 lbs last Tuesday. I got my butt back on the treadmill, but I cannot even do half of what I could in the past. I cut portions down and cut out sweets [my downfall...especially considering I work in a bakery], and I was down 1.6 lbs this morning! I was stoked! I have eaten lots of oranges to fill in between meals and drank lots of water. Trust me...if I can do it anyone can because I come from a long line of people who loooooove to eat! I will only weigh on Mondays so I am forced to keep it up and not get comfortable, and it feels so good to see a week's worth in one lump sum. You can do it!

  10. Oh, man...I am right there with you. My son is 19 months old, and I'm still calling it 'baby weight'. Ha! Aaaand...spinach and eggs for breakfast this morning. :) Love your honesty.

  11. Seems like everyone has it on their mind. Living healthier. Living longer. I think it's good. I don't want to really loose weight, but I do FEEL better when I'm eating good and holidays always always sabotage feeling good. I usually wear my skinniest jeans to holidays so I really feel the pinch when I'm full, lol. Some people are social drinkers, I'm a social eater. GAH.

    If you get in a rut with food (egg and spinach...over and over, hehe) you should skim my pinterest food board, lots of gooood (and healthy) recipes!! It's def become my recipe box I use. (

    Do you like chocolate? If so you would also probably LOVE Chocolate Covered Katie if you haven't seen her blog yet :-)

  12. girl, I love you. thank you for protecting my privacy, I mean uhhh nevermind.
    we can do this. \

  13. You are gorgeous! And those texts are killing me. You've got this!!!

  14. hahahahahaha this post cracked me up!!!! and i agree with everyone else, you are so gorgeous!! i'm proud of you for getting on the fitness kick and motivating others as well. i'll have to check out the a little too fluffy instagramming...i could definitely use motivation and inspiration :)

  15. You are so funny!!!!!! This text business makes me laugh so hard! I think you're beautiful just the way you are, but I know you want to feel good in your skin. I jiggle, it if helps. ;)

  16. first, thank you! without the challenge i may have stayed in the, "it's not that bad" phase awhile longer when really i should have started working towards losing weight before january. your confidence is inspiring and i hope to reach a point someday where i will be comfortable no matter the number on the scale. and while i really, REALLY, really hope i come in first and take home the $$$, i realize that i am still "winning" by losing weight at all!

  17. 10 almonds, 2 potatos. we have issues. and i'm still hungry.

  18. 2012 started out as my year of health. I lost a good amount of weight and I've kept it off. I'll be 40 in just a couple of months. Whew. At least I'll be a thinner 40 year old??

    I hope you #alittletoofluffy ladies rock this thing!

  19. oh my word. this is the best post ever. just saying. I am 20 lbs heavier than when i got married & I still have a little black dress that I wont put on that I wore for wedding events, still hanging on to it. I've lost a few lbs recently & am pushing on lose the rest. Keep telling myself it took me a few years to put it on, it might take 6 months to take it off. Good luck ladies!

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