Thursday, December 6


let's pretend you don't already know my lovely friend, maggie… mmkay? 

oh nothing, we're just strolling the beach together in california last year. 

she's the beauty behind gussy sews and, today, i asked her to share a little bit about her and her business:

Hey you! My name is Maggie Whitley and I have the proud title of being owner & designer of Gussy Sews, a lifestyle blog + handmade accessories boutique. On my blog you'll find handmade business tips, different prompts & projects that help build a handmade community, Gussy shop updates + of course, updates on me/my family. One thing I love about blogging is the constant inspiration shared through the friendships I've formed. I started sewing four years ago and immediately fell in love with the trade. I shared all that I learned along the way, seeking out new friends + fellow handmade shop owners to promote along the way. Sharing my story + being exactly who I am offline online has helped me grow so much. That's probably my best tip of advice to anyone wanting to start a blog or take their current blog to the next level :) My husband + I recently relocated from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, and we're soooooo excited to be welcoming our first baby in early March! Thanks so much for letting me share a bit about myself -- please find me online + say hello as well! xoxo

you can connect with maggie here:

december 12th is the deadline for domestic holiday orders so if you want to order your best friend, sister, or cousin my two favorite things in the shop right now: the posey market tote and this headband, you best get on gettin' on.

ALSO. you might want to use this little somethin' somethin':
THANKYOU15 for 15% off!

maggie sent me this blue sails market tote that i love so very much.

the mix of fabrics and ruffles make my heart skip a beat. it's the perfect size for all my necessities: keys, wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, tweezers (i carry these everywhere. never know when you're gonna need to pluck your eyebrows.) diapers, wipes, a couple bottles, and baby food. do your necessities look the same as mine? no? hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

i really hope you enjoy this photobooth session of photographing my self with my supa sweet new bag. when you're trapped… yes, i said trapped, with no adult interaction all day every day you gotta make do with what you have and you most certainly do not hand your camera over to your sweet, desctruive children. without further ado… 

i know what you're thinking: m o d e l s t a t u s. maggie, if you want to hire me to showcase all of your products you know my number. no, really. you know my number. 

go check out gussy sews, y'all. and happy weekend.

//abby, you won the november giveaway day! email me, girrrl.\\


  1. you're the cutest thing ever. i miss you. wish i could hug you.

  2. I love Maggie's products!! they are all so beautiful. and your photos are just simply priceless. and your beautiful. both of you are stunning :) <3

  3. you know what's crazy? i live in california, like 40 minutes from where that photo of us was taken. that darling photo. yeow. heart you, take heart friend. thank you for writing a fab post ♥.

    1. HEY! Who was that hot chic you cropped out of the picture? That blonde?! She was ROBBED!! ;)

      But ya'll out there-Gussy is the bomb! Love that girl!

  4. bahahahaha you are adorable!!
    maggie - beautiful work!

  5. cute cute cute X100. both you gals and the bags.

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