Friday, December 21


Hey ladies (and maybe men too??) I'm super stoked to be here at Danielle's place to introduce myself and announce a fun giveaway of one my original pieces of art. My name is Jaime (yes, spelled like the male Mexican name Jaime, but I won't go into how many times I've been called Mr. Hi-May Beitler. A big shout out and thanks to mom and dad for that one!). I'm a stay at home wifey to theeee most amazing man and mama to two littles: Zeke, 2 1/2 jumping, smiley, huggy-bear years old, and Quinn, 7 rolly-polly squeezchey-weezchy, always snuggly months old.

I blog about six times a year (if I'm lucky) but I'm working on writing more on it (again!).  If you lived in my town, I would say, "Come knock on my door and bring your kids! We'll down a pot of coffee together and talk about this crazy ride called motherhood!" My house always needs something to be cleaned because I followed that daily cleaning chart that's floating out there for about... ummm... no seconds. I think it's awesome, but just doesn't seem to work for me. I am on top of our laundry (because I have a thing for clean clothes that smell yummy!), but that's as far as my awesomeness goes. I wear yoga pants most days and my hair is perpetually in a messy bun on top of my head. My pregnancy weight is not melting off of me no matter how many stern "talking-to's" I've had with it. And because of that, I have a wardrobe that is either too big or too small and that makes getting ready to go somewhere where yoga pants are unacceptable just plain no fun. Our living room looks like a Toys R Us and the counter tops in our kitchen are the brightest blue I've thankfully never seen on any other countertop before. Then there's my car- it's eleventy million years old- and not in a chic vintagey kind of way either.

I still haven't mentioned that my kids wear mostly hand-me-downs and that I have yet to purchase one.single.present Christmas present yet, but I think you probably already have a good picture of my life. In one word, it's imperfect.  Ooohhh, did it take some time to get used to that! When I first became a mother, I was convinced that I was the only one that thought this motherhood stuff was hard.  Motherhood transformed me from a Type A personality to a Type B (or whichever one it is that barely keeps things together!).  We were living in a new town and I didn't know any other new mamas. I was too tired to reach out to my friends on the phone so I spent a lot of months wondering how to "do" life as a mom. It seemed pretty impossible at first. But as the months rolled on, I learned to let go of what I wasn't doing right and focus on the things I was doing right, by the grace of God!  Our son was thriving and was (and is still!) the happiest little baby.  Our house wasn't always spotless, but Zeke went to bed at night knowing he had two parents that loved him beyond anything and everything imaginable. When our daughter was born, life and expectations changed again, but this time I was ready for them and have greeted them with open arms. If you're a new (or maybe even not so new?!) mama out there who feels like you're the only one who doesn't have "it" all together, email me girl! I'll send you a real time picture of my son running circles around me and my daughter trying her best to eat absolutely anything that is not edible in our house! I so have a heart for women who struggle with feeling "less than" and I'd love to be the voice that says, "You're perfect just the way you are, right now!" if you need to hear it! You can find me at

I'm so happy to be sharing my art piece, "Onward" with everyone today!  It is fitting for the lives of mamas.... especially on those days where every.single.thing seems to fall apart. When you're there, it's about orienting our lives toward God and taking one step at a time in that direction. And if one step is too much (been there!!!), just orient yourself towards Him and He'll lovingly come in and do the rest. May God you bless all you women during this Christmas season!

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  1. Great post Jaime!! Thanks keeping it real girl :)

  2. Thank you Crystal!! Good luck in the drawing!! I'm thinking your odds of winning are looking pretty good!! Haha!

  3. Great post Hi-May!!!! As always, very witty but yet transparent. My favorite story is the one about Zeke climbing the bookshelf (don't worry ladies, it's bolted down).

  4. Hello Jamie, your such a boy!! I'm off for the next couple of weeks, so we may just come and knock on your door here real soon.

  5. Jaime!!! Your post was hilarious and I would swear you were writing a biography about me, if it weren't for the blue counters! I feel the exact same way most days, especially around the holidays- I blame Pinterest mostly. Is our elf doing something clever? Have I organized their socks alphabetically? Did we do homemade rainy day activities? I'm more like "shout out for getting out of our pjs before 4 pm today!" But you are so right... What's important is that our kids know we would die for them and that we are taking one step onward at a time! Love you!

  6. I so wished we lived in the same town and could down a pot of coffee and watch our kids tear apart the living room in 2.2 seconds!

  7. Beautiful artwork Jaime!!!!!! Merry Christmas to all of your wonderful family!

  8. Well, hey girls, heeeeeey! (and Ben- you're such a boy and you'll always be one!). Welcome to the partay!

    Jeni: Ummm.... uuhhh.... I'm not sure what you mean by "bookshelf story". Hypothetically, if a two year old was scaling a six ft tall bookcase and a very pregnant mama couldn't muster up the energy to waddle across the floor and wrangle him down, and just opened one eye and called out, "Be careful, honey", it was probably all very justified. (Just like writing an extremely long run-on sentence is very justified at 7 in the morning when your toddler is playing the cymbals that his grandparents gave him the night before Totally justified.

    Denise: Oh man! I wish you lived in the same town too! Especially since you're the funniest person I know and I can only imagine the mom party we could have with a couple of pots of coffee in us! (And by yoga pants, I kinda did mean pjs. I only break out the good yoga pants about 10 minutes before Aaron gets home from work because I like to get prettied up for him). And Pinterest??? I am so glad I'm not the only mom who doesn't break out the "101 Things To Do With Your Toddler" every morning. The last time I tried one of those activities, I ended up with popcorn kernels and uncooked black beans ALL over the floor. I had to race to get the broom before the dog and the toddler ate.them.all and I might have pulled a muscle (or four) in the process. My only conclusion is that those lists are just cruel jokes people like to play on stay at home moms (just sayin').

    Jamie: Merry Christmas to you and your family also!!!! Thank you for stopping by!! :)

    Mellie: Merry Christmas, friend!! Good luck in the drawing! Love and hugs and kisses to your family! :)

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