Sunday, December 16


all my wrapping favorites this year.
(all images from my pinterest board, holiday & party.)

whichever way you decide to wrap it up this year… you will definitely want to use these lovely tags made by my sweet friend, carly. she blogs at mason's roost, and sells her pretty art work at little light prints.

click on the link below to print the pdf file. 

happy wrapping!


  1. So pretty! And I love the new blog design, it's gorgeous!

  2. Now I want to rewrap my presents to look like those.

  3. I already ordered black kraft paper and chalk board markers. It totally looks awesome. I can't wait to put them under the tree.

  4. LOVING the tags. I am totally printing them as soon as I get to the actual wrapping part ;) I hope, hope, hope that I have the time and patience to wrap things pretty this year. I always get rushed at the end and feel bad about it when I give the gift.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and.... gorgeous!

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