Sunday, November 18


happy third birthday, my fozzy bear. 

three years ago today you came swiftly into this world. twelve minutes of pushing and there you were. ten pounds 7 ounces of perfect love. you change so quick, i know it's cliche and everyone says it but, as i'm looking through these pictures, laughing and tearing up at the memories… i can't help but ask myself how this all happened so fast. how YOU happened so fast.

 it felt like you'd have only two bottom teeth forever, and that there would never be a time that you and brody got along. we're still working on that one. one day at a time, i gotta keep telling myself that. i try not to laugh at you when you are so bold all.the.time. but when it's all the time, i have got to give myself a little break and laugh. what else is a mom to do? you want the line on your socks perfectly lined up against your toes which, your grammy tells me, is the same exact thing i did at three years old. what do ya know? we're more alike than i may want to admit sometimes.

you say no, just to say it, even when you want to say yes. you cross your arms and huff and puff. you ask me for cookies almost every morning for breakfast and when i say no you go a little craycray. once in a while i give you chocolate at 7am just to steer clear. you throw screaming tantrums in target once every couple weeks that should make me red in the face but i've got your number, boy. we're figuring this thing out, you and me. amongst the terrible twos/threes you are still such a snuggle bug, and, oh, do i love it. please still snuggle with me when you're twelve. and sixteen. and forty five.

you remind many people of a little old man. the way you walk, your little belly, and that voice! your voice is actually too much for me to handle. every morning when you stumble out in to the living room, half asleep still, wanting a show and chocolate milk, i say THE MAMA'S MOE! and you come over and curl up with daddy or i. the other day you shut off the lights in the kitchen and you said isn't it so cute in here when it's all dark? i almost died. the past few days you have been asking everyone you see, are you coming to my birthday party?! everyone wants to come to your birthday party, of course. 

you make me want to be a better mom.

sometimes you make me want to run away. 
but, you make me want to come back even more.

i love you, i love you, i love you, foster anderson burkleo. 


  1. Happy Birthday Foster!! I hope that he has a great birthday. He is cute. all of your kids are adorable!

  2. this is one of my favorite posts. i love every word and i adore your heart for your babies, even when they pose challenges. which for me, and you can surely relate, is like every 5 minutes.
    happy birthday, fozzy bear :) perhaps you will be a courting candidate for my sissy someday! a wife and sister named story? totes acceptable! eeeee!

  3. It's not cliche it's truth time flies. He's get big friend. Happy Birthday Foster!

  4. happy birthday to your little fozzy bear!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

  6. happy birthday, foz!

    "you make me want to run away. but then you make me want to come back even more." you're speakin' my language :)

  7. Aw, that was so beautiful to read and I adored every single picture. So much sweetness going on there girl! Love it.

  8. xoxoxo happy birthday to that adorable l'il guy!!!

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