Wednesday, November 28

little notes

my baby girl turned nine months … and i forgot to write a post about it. but here she is, in all her glory. nine months! i felt like she would still be a baby this christmas but i'm not so sure anymore. can you even handle her bow headband? . . . i didn't think so. it's from my friend, nicola's shop, three magic sheep. her shop is filled with all sorts of sweet things and i rock this headband myself quite frequently. go check out all her crocheted goodness right here

my pretty new canvas from the not so blank canvas has found it's holiday home, though it will definitely be up in my house year round. i love this reminder, and i love this art work. you can use coupon code IBTGTR and enjoy 15% off your entire order now through november 31st. what are you waiting for? 

sometimes i feed story nutella on a spoon… cause she wants to eat it just like her mama does, and i like to break all the good mom rules about nuts. don't all babies have nutella by nine months?

i got to watch my man play quarterback thanksgiving morning. he's hot.

i had this burning desire to watch ps i love you for about seven days. it was like the Lord was speaking to me telling me that i needed to watch it. what? doesn't he always tell you to watch PG13 movies? i finally went to walmart and dug through this bin right hur. can we talk about these bins for a minute? who in their right mind thought this was the best way to sell DVDs? i dug through that bin like it was nobody's business, and it wasn't, and found, lit.ter.a.lee, the only one in that bin. i sort of felt like wonder woman in that moment. i walked to the register with pride… 

but not before getting myself some of this:

story and her bestie, evyn. i can't even look at this photo cause it makes me want to cry that our girls are growing up and that they are so freaking cute.

brody's thanksgiving feast at school was the sweetest thing evah. and the food was so good, wasn't it babe? he is thankful that he has a lot of things, and for his daddy taking him to play soccer. melt my heart a little more, would ya? 

everything feels so much more cozy and lovely, all wrapped in to one, with our tree up. i am either going to keep a tree up year round or cover my whole house in twinkle lights. i'm still deciding. 

kicking off the holiday season right by making ornaments with friends. 

sending off christmas cheer. including my scarfament goodies. i love the USPS.

happy wednesday, my friends!


  1. CUTE canvas! yay for ornament making!
    this post is cozy. and as soon as i feel better, i'll get our tree up, and we'll be twinkle light twins.

    tell story to stop being so grown up.
    also, send me nutella please.

  2. this is the best season of all! and making ornaments with friends? the best!

    that story does a number on me. cute. cute. cute.

  3. I love images of your life.
    I love you!

  4. Aaaw, if I had a little girl I would dress her up like that! My boy is t-shirt and jeans...but girls get all the details. Sounds like a perfect week.

  5. aw she is so precious! and p.s. i love you is one of my most favorites! i even used a song from the soundtrack in my wedding! :)

    xo, Courtney

  6. That little lace skirt is killing me...Evie NEEDS that!

  7. happy nine months story girl!

  8. i love that you took a photo of ice cream.

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