Wednesday, November 21

happy thanksgiving!

i started to keep a thankful notebook after reading one thousand gifts a couple years ago. i still jot things down every now and then. but mostly, i look all around me every day and wonder how this little blessed life is my own. i have so many things to be thankful for today. i could never list them all. but, i'm just gonna ramble here, for a minute, as i lay here at 8:57 pm listening to my husband chew, a little too loudly for my liking, on tostitos and michael buble christmas humming in the background. 

i'm thankful for the time change. two weeks ago it was the thing i was least thankful for. but, right now, i am thankful for it. because even thought it's colder and darker outside, and the days sometimes seem dreadfully long, it's more hours with my babies. the cold and dark at 4:00 means more cozy time all together as a family at night. it means staying home more. it means blankets and hot cocoa. and for that, i am thankful. 

i am thankful for a marriage that comes easy, that i am married to a man that is so crazy easy to love. that he lives first unto our God. that he works so hard, every single day, to meet the needs of our family. that he comes home at the end of the day and plays keep it up with the balloons left over from foster's birthday party. i am thankful for the way he talks to our baby girl, the saturdays he takes brody to kick the ball around on the soccer field, and for him snuggling foster every morning on the couch so i can lay in bed a minute more. 
i'm thankful for my girlfriends. who love me for me and constantly point me to Christ. they make me laugh and laugh and laugh. i couldn't imagine my life without them. 

i'm thankful for a kid who picks his nose when we try to take a family pictures. see above. he doesn't care what anyone thinks, and especially doesn't care what his mom thinks. i'm thankful for my boys and their imaginations. i am thankful to be able to see the silly, wonderful, innocent thing that is childhood i am thankful to see life through their eyes for just a minute. i am thankful that the Lord reminds me that one day they, too, will be adults.. because sometimes i forget.
i am thankful for this blog. for the opportunities it has given me. for the outlet it is for me. for the friendships, oh the friendships, it has given me. i will start crying if i think about my girls scattered all over the united states that each have a piece of my heart. it aches for you, my friends. 

i am thankful for the gift of a daughter. for her spunk and ambition even at this little, little age. i hope she never loses that.

i am thankful, oh so thankful, to be an active waiting family on our adoption agency's list. 

i am thankful for LOVE146. for who they are and what they stand for. i am thankful for the men and women who mentor me, and the ones i get to work alongside. i am thankful for the dedication they have to end modern day slavery and the hearts they have for the children who are being trafficked every single day. i am thankful for the hope they have.

i'm thankful for our little house that i love so much, and our beautiful, new bathroom. 

i'm thankful for my camera, for letting me capture the moments i never want forget.

i am thankful for nutella. do i need to expand on that?

i'm thankful for my Jesus. for loving me although i don't ever deserve it. i'm thankful that He forgives me over and over again. that He listens to me, whether i feel like talking or not. that He loves me unconditionally. i'm thankful for Him prompting me, for Him teaching me new things every day. 
i'm thankful for you.

happy thanksgiving, my friends. 


  1. I love it all, and whole heartedly agree. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!

  2. Great list! We have much to be thankful for...all of us:) Have a relaxing day tomorrow.

  3. I'm thankful for you as well. Love your heart.

  4. You have a piece of my heart too. Love you and am so blessed that I can call you my friend. God is so good to us!

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