Sunday, November 25

DIY: chalkboard vases with bookpage flowers

in furthering my dreams of making my entire house look like a school room, i give you: chalkboard vases with book page flowers. the vases are leftover centerpieces from my sister's baby shower so i can't tell you where they are originally from but, you can get similar ones at michael's or hobby lobby. paint those bad boys with chalkboard paint, which i'm told now comes in a bajillion colors. i'm partial to the black. 

supplies for the flowers:
book pages
scallop punches: i used a 3 inch and 1 inch…. i, sadly, do not own this but my mom is a punching queen (ha) and i grabbed it from her stash.
floral wire
itty bitty hole punch

punch, and keep on keeping on with the punching. i used 10-12 book page punches for each flower. 

once you have your stack of punches for your flower you are going to punch a hole through them all. am i saying the word punch a lot or is it just me? i forgot to take a picture (bad blogger) of the hole punch i used, but it is ridiculously small. you could use a bigger punch but then you'll need bigger brads. catch what i'm throwing? 

push your brad through and then ruffle up your flowers. 

attach & wind some floral wire around the back of the brad and make a long stem. you can twirl it around some to make it stay better in the vase. 

badabing badaboom.

go get crafty. 


  1. oh these are so nice! and looks like an easy project too. pinning these babies.

  2. Clever! Might try this at naptime!

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