Tuesday, November 20

craft 4 love 2012

craft 4 love happened just a couple weeks ago… i think i am still recovering. 

what a blessed day it was.

there was delicious food, crafting, raffles, and friends. rob morris, the co-founder and president of LOVE146 came to speak and we were all reminded of why exactly we gathered this day. the truth of child sex trafficking and modern day slavery is real. it's worldwide. it's local. no one wants to hear it, no one wants to go there. i don't want to. but we have to, my friends. for justice, and for mercy, for those who need it most. 

i am so thrilled to tell you that we raised $3,480 for LOVE146. exactly twice the amount we raised last year. THANK YOU, to each of you who were at craft 4 love, for being a part of love146 on november 3rd. thank you for coming to hear their story. i challenge you to go out and tell it now. 

here's a look into our day:

while setting up on friday night, before the event, we started to pull out all the raffle donations to put them into bundles. we just KEPT PULLING THEM OUT. i hadn't realized how much had been donated until that night. once an item arrived at my house i sent it over to storage at the church, simply because we don't have the space in our little house to store all these lovely things. i was so blown away when set up time came. blown away by the number of you who stepped up to play a part in sharing these children's stories. blown away by the beauty of your talents and by your hearts to give. thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the shops and businesses who donated to this event. craft 4 love would not have been possible without each and every one of you. 

below is the list of the generous shops and businesses, both local and nationwide, who donated raffle items, supplies, or food to craft 4 love: 

faldoni's delicatessen | shooting stars nursery school & after school care | park avenue confectionary | alabu soap | lovely little whimsy | the honey pot | heather's happys | the not so blank canvas | happy days | stonewash and bloom | 36th and main | gussy sews | marigold road | hymns and verses | edna's attic | blossom and vine | 3 heart wings | take the cannoli | hanmade things | sand and starfish | jt designs | overwhelmed by love | livy lovee | cozy made | fourteen moons | handmade colectibles | lady lee and drew jones | cm handmade | atticus and cole | papercutz | grace for grace | lu and edlittle light prints | pen and paint | jilly bean things | the joyful shop | lulu & chacha | andee eve flynn | petal gifts | bouteille chic | cute fairy bear | uncommon | laura frisk | my five little peppers | lisa barbero | nan knight creative | felt by nature | goodie true shoes | gilbert street stitches | maple sugar lane | erin jane | rouge & whimsy | elora nicole | karen del vecchio | soleil selene | word from the wallaces | glimpse of joy | eclectic joy | lovespun studio | stitch craft create | amy's monkeys | recipe for crazy | these happy times | k davis creates | found by marie | songs kate sang | pampered chefgive with joy | radiant cosmetics | fun cycled | mama's nest designs | flawed perfection jewelry | beautiful blendings | the gingerbread blog | echoland bags | along for the ride | amy cornwell | bits of splendor

justice at it's best is LOVE
correcting everything that stands against love.
-martin luther king jr. 


  1. Had so much fun! Blessed to be able to attend and to play a small part in fighting child sex slavery and exploitation.

  2. I am so glad it went so well! I was honored to be able to donate to such an amazing cause!

  3. So glad the day was so great & so much was raised! Thankful that I got to play a small part!

  4. Wow, praise God for doubling last year's intake! Im so sad to have missed being there but next year...next year! (Which, by the way, you might need a larger venue for:))

  5. This looks completely awesome! Congratulations on a very successful day that looks to be filled with fun, awesome crafts, great gifts and a huge donation to such a worthy cause. I wish my church had something like this to offer.

  6. my sister and i have been searching an organization that we can contribute to by fundraising with events and such, and i think this might just be it. those stories had me with a knot in my throat the whole time. such beautiful stories of being redeemed. what a great event for such a beautiful cause. everything looks awesome and kuddos to all the companies that donated - the list is huge!

  7. it was such a special day...thank you, Danielle!

  8. WOW - looked like a lovely time and it was for an amazing reason why all these women were together!

  9. It was such a wonderful day making crafts and memories; all for an important cause. I was so happy to be there. Thanks to all who donated and for everyone who made the event possible. I'll definitely be back next year.

  10. Love your pics--so gorgeous and so glad it was such a success!! <3