Wednesday, November 7

a bunch of schtuff

i feel like it's completely necessary to give you a list post each week. it's more for me than for you, actually. no offense though. i just need to compartmentalize what is going on in my brain. 

first things first… if you have not clicked on that pretty little handmade holiday shops button on my sidebar, you are missing out. you should probably stop what you are doing right now and go over there. check out all the lovely shops, coupons, and get busy with your online holiday shopping. shopping in actual stores stopped in 2006. 

here's some of my recent design work:

and don't forget about the premade christmas cards, y'all!

 my girl is in a christmas sweater and hat. i am one of those annoying people who starts the christmas music in september and has paper chain countdowns from the day after halloween on. it is never too early for merry christmas, happy holidays. if you take anything away from this blog it should be my love for that cd. 

this pile was raked up two weeks ago and it is still sitting in our front yard.
our neighbors love us. so much. 

sweater weather! ain't nothing better. 
another thing you should take away from this blog is my love for cannolis. if you want to send me boxes of them i am okay with that. i hear they ship well. 

girlfriend likes spaghetti. 

today, just like yesterday, i am proud of be an american. congratulations to our president.
 something weird happened me to the other day in kohls. which by the way, is probably my least favorite place in the world to be. i saw this gingerbread dress and all my dreams for trendy gray and cream fair isle dresses for story this christmas went out the window. my girl is going the cheesy route and i blame it on the poodle costume. i can't help myself anymore. she shall be my sugarplum fairy. 
sometimes i put my baby in the sink while i get ready. 

my kids are as amazed with the time change as i am. they like to wake up at 4:30 and then i like to treat myself to swiss miss with marshmallows. i feel like i deserve it. 

craft 4 love was such a wonderful day. i can't wait to share more about it with you all next week. 

angry birds are everywhere in our house. 

 so in love with my new canvas from the not so blank canvas.

this sweet little embroidery hoop from my dear friend, nat, at take the cannoli is my favorite.

the scarfaement swap is only open til tomorrow night, so email me asap if you want to take part! 

and since this post is getting stranger and stranger, and longer and longer, i feel like i should share these with you too. these are some videos i think you should watch in all your free time. just kidding about the free time but very serious about you watching them:

right mom / left mom series by kristen howerton and elizabeth esther. especially this one
this beautiful adoption video.
my friend jami, and her husband mark's, video about their marriage and the gospel.

ok, i'm done. for reals. 


  1. I love spaghetti faces, Christmas and Kohls.

    Two out of three isn't too shabby.

  2. oh you. love your lists. love your baby in the sink.

  3. this is one of my favorite posts.

  4. Danielle, I just gotta tell you - I love how 'real' you are, I love your talent and I love your heart!

  5. Love this post- so many goodies!!! Love all the kiddo pics and love your new design work!! Thanks for all the fun!!!!!

  6. you are so talented with that computer junk!
    and photography.
    and writing.
    and that craft 4 love looks pretty awesome :)

  7. love your designs!
    I'm not even gonna lie, we've listened to our christmas cd already - my personal fave is hanson - snowed in. yes, hanson haha!

    1. i heart hanson. i met them for my make a wish 12 years ago! ;)


  8. i want to mail you cannolis. :)

    i love your heart, and your art, and your words. thanks for being you and inspiring me so!


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