Thursday, October 11

what i got my girls

first things first.

since i am so amazing at blogging, and picking giveaway winners when i say i am going to, i shall let you know the winner of the september giveaway day right now:
alinna, girrrrrrrl. you won! email me today!

* * * * * * * * * 
before my ladies arrived i schemed together a whole lot of lovely things for them. and, by that, i mean that i didn't actually make any of these items but had so many wonderful friends in the handmade community create for these for my girls. they are much, much more talented than i.  i can't thank all you sweet ladies enough for the time and love you put in to creating each and every lovely gift for my girls. i actually cried when the tote bags arrived and i stuffed them with all the goodies for my girls. the crying should have been a foreshadowing of the trip. 

every one of my girlfriends got their own tote bag filled with….

choose joy hoop art from moonbeam wishes

boho headband from sugar blossom boutique.

coffee cozy and mug rug from the pleated polka dot

hot air balloon necklace from love is rising.

button earrings and matching necklace from along for the ride

be still & know print from pen and paints

custom, beautiful totes from sew beastly

thank you again, sweet friends! 


  1. thank YOU danielle! i love everything you put together for us. you're so thoughtful!

  2. you, and all these ladies, are AMAZING. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  3. this looked like so much fun on instagram. and the presents ar eawesome. i love those hoop art things!

  4. I am so glad I was able to help with the totes!! Oh, and all the goodies look!! It looked like you guys had a lovely time!! Thanks for making me a part of this!!

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