Sunday, October 14

the christmas card shop

is it ever too early to shop for christmas cards?


the answer is no.


i start to think about mine, and designing yours in my head, when i'm sweating by the pool in late august. so, naturally, october 14th is thee day to share these with you. 




i've created these pre-made christmas card designs and here's the details:

$15 each. you email me your card choice, your photos, and your name and i plug it all in for you and send you your high resolution 5x7 christmas card for you to print wherever you'd like. it will be sent to you within 24 hours. i highly recommend overnight prints for printing and i do think that they should pay me for saying that. but, fyi, they are not.




so, here they are for your viewing pleasure. the card numbers beneath each of them. 

want a custom photo card design? i'm your girl. $30 for a custom one sided 5x7 card or $45 for a custom double sided photo card. takheartblog at hotmail dot com.




i will annoy you and share about this again once the holidays get a wee bit closer. you can always click right over thur on my sidebar on that dainty little button that says the christmas card shop, it'll give you all the info, all the time. if i add make more pre-mades they will be there too! 



i'm off to hang the christmas lights...happy sunday! 


  1. Oh, how I LOVE these, I know where I will be ordering my cards from this year! :)

  2. you my friend, have me in awe. love them all. how to pick just one? i haven't sent out christmas cards in over three years....this year I think you have changed my mind!

  3. Love them all! I can't wait to get our family pics done so I can pick one out!

  4. These are all so sweet!! xo Heather

  5. You are so talented! Every single card is beautiful!

  6. These are beautiful Christmas cards!

  7. you have blown it out of the water, danielle! i love these.

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