Thursday, October 25

just in time for the holidayz

// $20 : 200x200 ad on my sidebar for the entire month //
// group giveaway/group feature post //
// space limited. email me today to secure your spot // 
// takeheartblog at hotmail dot com // 


  1. You look adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE can't tell you how much I love your hair like that!
    From Your sponsor Laura
    <------------------You are my new dream

  2. you look gorgeous, danielle! i wish i had $20! if you do swaps...just sayin'.

  3. PS: I think I have that same fabric. I got it at Joann and I've been hoarding it because I'm afraid of using it up!

  4. i want in. i'll email you. 'cause i have questions.

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