Tuesday, September 25


every time i turn around,

i see the girl who turns my world around….

standing there.

(no literally… standing there.)

 every time i turn around,

her spirit's lifting me right off the ground.

(except at 2 AM)

what's gonna be? 

guess we'll just wait and see. 

thank you, punky brewster theme song, for continually providing a song that i apply to all stages of my life and will never stop singing. 

did you guys catch those two teeth up there? and how about that snake-ish tongue smile?
can you handle it? 

oh nothing, story says. i'm just being really adorable in the sweater my great grandma made and putting my arm around my dolly. what else would i be doing?

story's to-die-for-cute doll is from my dear friend april at i sew lucky

happy seven months my sweet girl. you are so squeezable.

love you forever,