Saturday, August 18

blogging on a saturday. what.

a of all) i redesigned my blog again. yes, i need an intervention. b of all) if you let me design yours i'll stop redesigning mine so much. 

this post is about two of my boy's new favorite things. stuffed animals and their new banner in their all-grown-up-and-in-bunk-beds-now room. if i'm being honest, stuffed animals and banners might be two of my favorite things as well. i wouldn't be lying if i told you that when i was thirteen i begged for my room to re-designed in the theme of 101 dalmatians. and then i proceeded to try to find every single one of the 101 in stuffed animal form for my bed. it was really lovely, black, white, and polk dotted. don't be too jealous. and, obviously, it is a personal goal of mine to have at least one bunting, garland, banner, or so on and so forth, in every room in our room in our house. i have almost reached that goal. thankyouverymuch.

hullabalu sent me these a-freakin-dorable stuffed animals for the boys. i actually had such a hard time deciding which ones to get them. caleb and i scrolled through the selection, and hemmed and hawed, like it was one of life's greatest decisions. for brody: this hedgehog. i am sort of obsessed with hedgehogs. they are the new bird. put a hedgehog on it. i feel that i would have let myself, and my family, down if this round fella was not one of the chosen ones

and for foster: this fox! are you dying? foster makes this EXACT face. so there was no question that they were meant to be. coy little pairing these two are. the descriptions of the stuffed animals on this site kill me. read them for yourself right here. the words make me want to purchase a stuffed animal even more than i already do from looking at them. hullabalu will be launching a brand new toy line soon, with whimsical characters who have hysterical, and fantastical, story lines. don't miss it! 

now, be on your merry way and get your kid, or yourself, a new cuddle buddy. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

i first saw cardboard sheek on my girl, em's blog. and as a mama to boys, i am always searching for decorations are lovely and boyly (as opposed to manly) all at the same time. sarah, at cardboard sheek, offered me just that.

sarah creates all of her banners entirely out of cardboad. i am more than impressed with her skills. the details, the colors, and twine. i love it all. it's perfect for the boy's room and they love it just as much as i do. 

the boys have moved into bunk beds and had some other changes in their room since i last showed it you. i plan on taking more pictures and doing a new post on it soon. one day, when i am not either lazy or busy, i will do just that. until then, go ahead over to cardboard sheek and banner-fy your house. 

that's all for now, folks.


  1. Those toys are so cute! I love hedgehogs too, they are darling! Your boys are super adorable and look thrilled with their new friends!

  2. love your new look. maybe my fave.
    theses photos are so sweet...i love your kids!
    also, i need one of these banners in my life.

    xo 48 days.

  3. That banner is awesome! I've been looking for something just like that for Lincoln's room, perfect! Love the new blog design :)

  4. I love the paper airplane!! did you paint that!?

  5. love the softness of the new blog look. i don't draw any "income" from my blog, so it's hard for me to justify having it designed; although i would love to. i really want to learn how to do it myself, but it's so hard to find tutorials online. maybe you could do one?! ;)

  6. Love this banner too! I just went to her shop and sent her a message to see how much it will cost to make me something similar for my boys' room. :)

  7. love the new design Danielle!
    it reminds me of the one two times ago... love warm colours, for some reason they seem to "fit" your blog :)

  8. love the new blog design! looks great!

  9. ;o love it! you can design my boys' blog. but i can't pay you LOL! ;P you have mad photo skills too!

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