Sunday, July 22

the bach: we've finally arrived

it's been a long road getting here. hasn't it? finally we are at the finale and i can stop watching television all together. #thisistheonlyshowiwatch

hi honey! emily says when jef says hello. i always feel like honey is more of a child name, than a love interest name.

i sort of hate how each family member goes in separately and sits on the same couch with jef to talk. can they all just talk together? let it out, people. brother ernie kills me. he will not crack a smile.

jef's hair is a little crazy right now. get the man a comb and some hairspray.

you're great. no, you're great. caleb used to say that to me while we were dating. #anothersimilarity

i don't really understand the ombre dress and bejeweled necklace happening right now.

i feel bad for arie that everyone is just sitting there while he is talking nervously. just because y'all liked jef doesn't mean that arie is a bad person. why would you think he was arrogant? rude.

is ern-dog a cowboy? a sheriff? a deputy?

is arie walking home? get the boy a cab.

preach it, dad.

i am so bored right now. i can't even keep my eyes on the tv. i should have bought the ice cream i wanted at target today- it would have made this three hour nonsense a whole lot better.

why did emily change into a jean button up shirt over her bathing suit? awkward.

what is jef's tattoo? i want one in the same place.

jef and emily just said goodbye twenty five times in twenty five different ways.

see ya later
see ya in a bit
ok bye
buh bye
see ya

jef and emily already have had this conversation about him not kissing her, and how their past dates went, ONE HUNDRED TIMES. and they even reenacted it with puppets. move on!


it makes it even worse that he goes ON AND ON about waiting for her to say how she really feels to him. STOP. pit in my stomach as she walks up to him.


but, props to emily for doing this.


is there a bird making noise in the background as emily tells him that it's not him??? or is that one of my kids making strange sounds in bed?? please tell me someone else hears this.

arie just saying give me a hug was extremely awkward.

actually this show is just extremely awkward.

THE LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE. I CANNOT DEAL. tears in their eyes. blink em back.

chris harrison just said that ashley has been in emily's shoes… literally.

wait, she has? they are the same shoe size and swap heels? i didn't know that.

who is this person in a green tank top and did chris harrison just say come here baby to her?

what is that body on this ashley chick? and who is she?

jef has no last name when neil lane introduces himself.

hi! i'm jef! with one f! represent!

skinny tie, skinny jeans, skinny guy.

if you think that you are going to say no when jef asks you to marry him then i think you are unsure of your feelings for him. which is probably true because you are on a reality tv show.

emily is strangely not even emotional telling jef all these things about how she feels? weird. she was bawling say bye to arie but doesn't shed a tear and just happily shrugs her shoulders when she tells jef she is in love with him? why?

audience applause as she accepts. which she was going to do all along. abc was just building it up that she was unsure because they didn't have any other man to build up the drama with for the final rose.


i am a man who will fight for your honor.

emily (another sassy blonde emily) and i are dying over this song choice blasting our faces off right now.

would you really be happy with a piece of tape around your finger, em?
i am not sure that your answer to that is truthful.

um hi. why are we still talking with arie when there are only thirty minutes left on the show and we haven't even seen jef and emily together? i am waiting for her to announce their eloping and pregnancy. (i made that up, i should write tabloids)

i also feel strongly that emily's answer to did you read the journal? isn't true. i mean, i don't want to call the girl a liar but if a journal of a man you were in love with like… yesterday… was sitting next to you for two months. i'm gonna guess you read it.

so… yah. that about sums it up… congratulations to jeF & emily!

go have dance parties forevah!


  1. I TOTALLY thought they were already going to be married & pregnant, too. Ha. Good times had by all at the Bach.

    What will we tweet about now? ;)

  2. bahahaha! I made a very similar comment about emilys shoes to my sister, something like "Oh Ashley has literally been in Emilys shoes? Did they share shoes on Brad's season?? Are they the same size?"
    And the music. Omg the music. Thats all i have to say about that.
    Also did you notice the little psa that chris harrison snuck in there about the ocean and dolphins?? Could not take it seriously. not one bit.

  3. The music was AMAZE. Not as good as on Pilot Andy's season. That was my all time favorite cheese-tastic moment in Bach history. Can we talk about how random that proposal site was?! What was that? Was Jef pissed that Emily didn't show Ricki the creepy marionette? I did fall in love with Emily for acting all sweet like Arie's box of dead roses was the most romanticly-FAIL gesture. Clearly she was all "wtf".

  4. i was calling my sister over and over trying to discuss the music. ummmm...pretty sure that song was in karate kid....the second one. in the 80's. sooo funny. also funny, that i remember the second karate kid movie.

  5. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of disappointed with how it turned out. Jef has been my favorite from the beginning, but I just don't think they make a great couple. I feel like she will be really high maintenance and he is really chill. But, this is tv we're talking about. They could be great together! But when she dumped Arie? That was almost as rough to watch as when Dad Doug kissed her mid-break-up. Ouch.

  6. I want to know where she got that stunning dress from!!

  7. i loved jeF and in my fantasy world they will live happily ever after.

  8. oh man... KARATE KID!!!!
    "i am the HERRROOOO, you've been dreaming of!!!!"
    that friggin' song... gets me good, e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e t.i.m.e.
    loves it!
    and it's totes from the 1st one.
    google it!

    seriously... this episode was sorta boring.
    oh well.
    la la la... they will have a happy little family, making babies, being sappy and cheesy.
    but... they could also break up in a couple months.
    time will tell! ;)

    and holy cow... there were some AWKWARD moments!
    breaking up with arie... the talk with arie after the final rose.
    makes me squirm so much.
    i had to watch through my hands as i was covering my face.
    ha ha ha ha!

  9. bahahahah seriously, crack. me. up .

  10. gggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh i finally watched it last night.......totally thought they had eloped. way too much hype with all the "secrets" talk. so awkward - arie with the love potion...ugh. and i have always LOVED that peter cetera song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but now it's just cheesy and icky.
    i did love her dress in the proposal scene. and did she look totally different AGAIN at the after the final rose?!! i hope they televise the wedding, LOL!

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