Tuesday, July 17

the bach: the men tell all

so. i missed the first ten minutes of the show. did i miss anything good? story did not want to go to sleep. rude.

chris, you still creep me out.

wolfy! rocking the pink pants. i never expected that from you. what else have you been hiding from us, wolfanator?

kalon lost 10 pounds, got a fresh spray tan, and pink lip gloss. THE WAY HE TALKS kills me. kills me.

chris cannot stop talking about anything and everything. anytime someone says something he chimes in. i also find it quite interesting that he was so in love with emily but yet is shown making out with several different women on the previews they just showed for bachelor pad. sidenote: i will NOT be watching bachelor pad. thankyouverymuch.

stevie is gangster.

i really hope emily sees sean and goes running into his arms and changes her mind.

i feel like i won't have much to say in this blog post cause i just keep seeing re-caps of the show which i already blogged about. all i really wanna see is emily talk to sean. please.

ryan reminds me this guy i liked in high school to a T. which makes me want to slap him even more. i'm glad we get the flashback of his tank top. no one wants to forget about that. okay, i don't feel like i saw ryan leave in a white mini van on the actual episode. didn't everyone else leave in a very expensive black car? HA. his comb over is killing me. oh we know you believe in yourself ryan, you don't need to repeat it.

ryan's journal.

he needs a blog.

and a trophy wife.

one things for sure: it ain't gonna be her.

please enjoy this photo of emily lying on silky bedding in a prom gown. did someone say pearly whites?

i love how chris harrison just said NOT GONNA HAPPEN about ryan being the bachelor. praise the lord.

ah! chris' wink just scared me!

um, yes, chris harrison. chris definitely angers quickly. someone get the dude in anger management stat.

i hate watching sean's recap of him leaving. i know this show is totally bogus… but still. break my freaking heart.

the flashing back and forth between chris's nodding head while sean is speaking of how he still loves emily is bizarre.

way to tell kalon, em.

ryan's winks are too too much for anyone to handle.

okay. so all in all… this is what i feel like right now: emily looks like a different person every time i see her. i feel like she is morphing into living barbie right before my eyes. she was so extremly happy on this and showed, basically, no emotion to sean. i was expecting this great, heart felt, teared up conversation and it was, like, a one minute back-and-forth of her smiling and saying i mean what girl wouldn't love sean?! with a big ol smile spread across her face. clearly she is in love with another man and it ain't sean. heartbreak is over and she has moved right on. so, you all know that i already know who wins but, i feel like, from the recaps of jef and arie, we can all tell who is going to win. ARE YA WITH ME?!

until next time…


  1. Emily does look different every time! on this one did it look like she got a book job to anyone else??? and yeah, her conversation with sean was so surface level and way to happy. poor sean, what a catch. and what you said about chris "falling in love with emily" and how he's ready to find the girl for him and on bachelor pad he's making out and dumping girls left and right. He seems so mentally unstable and like his eyes don't fully open. Blek!
    and I know that everyone will want to kill me when I say this but...I like ryan...

  2. I didn't think the episode would be as good as it was! Kalon, seriously? You are such a jerk! At least own it and don't try to skirt around the issue with barely there apologies. Chris was driving me MAD. He feels like he needs to constantly remind everyone of how mature he is, then he goes interrupting people and butting into conversations that have nothing to do with him! Gag me!

  3. I think she just acted like she is completely in love with someone else when she talked to Sean! AND I HATE THAT I READ REALITY STEVE AFTER YOU SAID YOU DID & FOUND OUT WHO WITH!! Just kidding I love it. I hate surprises.

  4. You've been spot on all season. I have super enjoyed reading your Bach blog posts. Amen to everything you wrote in this one, too. T-minus 5 days 'til the finaleeeee! Woo!

  5. Seriously...your Bach re-caps are waaaaaaaay better than the actual show. LOL! I kept looking for it yesterday ha! Definitely not watching Bach Pad...a girl has her limits ;)

  6. ryan stopped wearing a bump-it. so that's good.

  7. oh you crack me up!! wasn't it wonderful to see Ryan and hear his motivational wisdom? i hope he starts a blog...i will read it faithfully. :)
    Chris = CREEPY. Extremely DISLIKE! ickickick
    Sean should be the next Bachelor (because sadly Ryan won't be...i think chris harrison is jealous of Ryan LOL!)
    yes, totally agree that emily looks different every time...the super tan wide-eyed thing going on in the last episode - weird. but she did look very happy on the men tell all show.
    can't wait for the finale! :)
    and would it be wrong to watch the bachelorpad show?

  8. Gah I miss Sean! This season has been such the snooze fest. Thanks for the hilarious recap :)

    xo Shane

  9. I definitely did not care for Chris and he seemed to be so hostile on the men tell all. As for Ryan he is just so ridiculous that it makes me laugh and Kalon is an even bigger ass than I had originally thought!

  10. I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I totally thought Ryan was somewhat lovable. An idiot... but lovable.
    Chris... obviously you are very mature and would be the best father because you totally aren't trying to prove your manhood by kissing multiple women and being a big sour puss on the show.
    Felt bad for Sean... totally stand up guy, but his eyebrows are distracting... because there are none.
    Watch... Sean will be the next bachelor.