Sunday, July 8

faithisms: people & grace.

sometimes i struggle with gray areas in my life.
i am, right now, praying about how can i balance confronting someone in their sin,
all while giving grace upon grace.

it's hard.

but i know this.

we are called to forgive
and forgive
and forgive
and forgive
and forgive
cause Christ does that for me.
He does that for you.

and to give grace
upon grace
upon grace.
cause He give us that.

every day in motherhood i am thankful for grace.

every day i am thankful that it's a new day.



sometimes i wonder what it would be like if i really loved people the way that Jesus loves people. i wonder what it would be like if i served others the way that He did while He was here. and then i wonder why i am wondering and why i am not doing it? and my mind goes in this endless spinning cycle of how can i meet the needs of the poor and the needy while being a stay at home mom who can't even find the time to shower? and would i be out loving and serving like He did even if i didn't have a family?

teach me Jesus. more of you, less of me.


someone i love very much walked away from Christ at a young age. why? and how did this person go from loving and serving Him whole heartedly to not even acknowledging that the gospel is true? i'm sure we all know someone who's life looks like this, if not several people.

they were hurt.

by the body of Christ.

by people who love Jesus, but weren't showing it.

i wanted to shake this person, and get them to look me straight in the eyes. look at me! i'd say. and when i got their eyes to lock with mine i would tell them what my pastor has been telling me from the pulpit for so many years now. i'd tell them, don't let people mess you up about at Jesus, let Jesus straighten you out about people. i'd tell themi am going to fail you. your husband is going to fail you. and her, over there? she is going to fail you, too. but He won't. He never will. 

the love He has for us is one that we cannot fully comprehend. we are riddled with sin, and it's only by His grace, that every day i try to love a little more in the way that He does. and when i fail miserably…

His grace is enough.


  1. wow... i'm convicted... and feeling so undeserved of that grace right now...
    but thank you Lord Jesus for unconditional love... and that AMAZING grace!
    thank you Lord!

  2. This is TRUTH. Thank you for being honest and raw. I struggle with this too...but then like you said, I'm quickly humbled b/c I know I fall short all of the time too. If it weren't for God's grace, well...I can't even begin to think about it. Such truth. Thankful for his love and mercy everyday. I get what you're saying about helping the poor and needy while having kids. Don't forget, you are ministering to your kids, and that is your major calling in life as a wife and mom. Diligently love them and train them...they won't forget it when they're older :)

  3. Shut the front door! Exactly what I'm struggling with today. Exactly what I've been praying about today. Exactly what I needed to hear (eh, read) today! It is so hard to forgive and forgive and forgive...but it IS what He calls us to do. Thanks Lord for sending me to this blog tonight to read this word, thanks for writing it :)

  4. beautiful. and amen.
    HIS grace is enough, and ALL.

    love you, press on! xo

  5. Such great truths. Such a great post.
    Love your heart and everything this says.

  6. great! this series is really amazing so far. thank you!

  7. "Don't let people mess you up about Jesus, let Jesus straighten you out about people." - such a great way to say it! Thanks for this beautiful post.

  8. Honestly if you haven't listened to Hell's Best Kept Secret & True & False Conversions by Ray Comfort I'd encourage you to do so. It's been such an encouragement to me lately.

  9. so so good Danielle. Your words are right and true. only HE will remain. We've been struggling with relationships in the body of Christ for a long time and He has shown Himself faithful to provide HIMSELF and now when I struggle with it, I can look to Him to be my comfort and my friend. Im sorry your heart hurst for this person...God is in charge. love you girl!!

  10. beautiful.

    that's all i wanted to put.. but then felt so much more to say.

    the power of Christ and the beauty of his grace amazes me daily. i have been in your shoes - it's hard. very very hard. but it's simply wonderful to see the holy spirit working through you and how God is using you to bring his children back to him.


  11. i'm having this talk with someone tomorrow. i'm sure it's no coinscidence that i stopped by your blog today. i've been struggling a ton with exactly what Jesus would say to her if he was meeting her for dinner like i plan to. he's the perfect mix of grace and truth. how do i do that? praying hard that the holy spirit would just take over and that i can rest fully in the fact that it is God who transforms people's hearts and not me. praying that he just uses me in a crappy situation - all for His glory. thank you for writing this!