Monday, July 9

the bach: i've fallen in love with more than one person

no! say it ain't so? you've fallen in love with more than one person? how?!
you have only been dating them and making out with them and spending all your time with them.

i have to go in to this blog post with a confession:

i read reality steve.

he wrote a post about who won. but he didn't give me any warning. i was going to wait to decide if i wanted to read it or not. and then … all the sudden… BOOM. there it was! so i know who won. but i won't say anything. mums the word.

i am going in to this episode thinking this:

i like jeF cause he's funky fresh. but in the long term, i don't see him and emily lasting. but maybe they will just continue their dance party life and prove me wrong.

sean: best choice. best provider. best husband. best dad. might not get as many butterflies as with sean as she does with jeF but best choice for sure.

arie: i sort of felt like he had this thing in the bag but then i forgot about him last week. 

please enjoy the top three guy's profile pictures in this post. please.

emily greets us, standing at the front of the boat like kate winslet in titanic.

i like when emily says i feel like jeF would make going to the grocery store fun. cause i feel that way about my husband. he makes anything and everything fun for me and everything is an adventure. awesome quality. 

why is emily crying about her life with arie? 

i like when sean smiles at emily in the helicopter. he should have figured they were going to their own private island. didn't kacie b and ben do that last season? been there. done that. 

emily & sean: barbie and ken.

okay. at this point i feel like sean is going home. boring date. but his letter does sort of make me tear up. don't judge me. sean's eyes kind of bulge when he looks at emily… does anyone else notice this? 

emily is just waiting and waiting for him to say i love you. she can't focus on anything else but waiting for him to say it. her squinty eyed smile after he says i love you is just strange. 

sean is trying to make it clear to america that he isn't going to be sleeping with emily tonight. he says stay up and talk and so on and so forth. which i commend. i am not in favor of sleepovers before marriage. ya heard? go emily for choosing to forgo it. hoorah.

emily seriously cannot get over the fact that jeF's parents didn't like one girlfriend. hello? normal.

HELLO WIND. not good for bruno mars. messing up his do. 

jeF loves parents. um okay? and he and emily will be happy and perfect forever. which isn't true since no married couple in the history of forever is happy every single day. just call me a debbie downer. do it.

emily cannot stop smiling about jeF. giddy. twitterpated. 

i like how jeF asks questions that no one else does. like normal, real life questions. 

MASSIVE turquoise ring. she will knock you out with that thing.

emily is like shoot are you trying to say that i am high maintenance
 because it has never worked out with anyone before?!

jeF way to be a respectable man.

i feel like jeF is getting the first rose tonight.
he is real, and true with his emotions and she cannot get enough of him. 

i like arie's confidence and clearly the two of them like kissing each other. but i do feel like he is a bit… feminine. i'm sorry, arie. i do like your name a lot. i shall put it on my baby name list and annoy my husband about it. 

arie gets up at NINE. that's a deal breaker right there. 

i sort of feel bored while watching arie and emily's date. i keep going on instagram instead. 

i respect em for knowing she can't handle the overnight date…girlfriend cannot contain herself when it comes to race car drivers. but i think it is so strange that emily thinks arie is SO FREAKING HOT. uh. what. 

ohmilawd. who is she going to send home?
i do know who wins but i don't know who is the runner up.

jeF is pulling a david hasselhoff open shirt style in his video message. and he is a poet.

sniffle cries are happening. see? THIS is why you don't date more than one person at a time.

i really wish sean's shirt was tucked in. i like jeF's skinny tie. 

DOOMED. i feel so bad for sean. i feel like she let the only real man away. 

why would you ask sean what he is thinking? what do you think he is thinking about, emily? you just swiped the rose from him and broke his heart. i hope emily is feeling like she made the wrong choice because i feel like she is. i am so sad for sean. wah wah wah. 

team jeF for the win though. 


  1. oh sean. i knew she wasn't going to pick him b/c she obviously wasn't all giddy over him like the other 2 but sometimes there is more to life than marrying the guy will be hands down be the best husband, father, leader..etc etc. i honestly have no clue at this point but my gut is telling me arie. for once i'm not going to cheat and find out ahead of time!

  2. As usual, you are RIGHT ON. I read Steve's posts, too, and I must admit - I'm happy about the end result. :)

  3. I can't believe you know who WINS. i would die if i read who won.

    regardless, your thoughts are spot on & i'm stunned that Sean was sent home.

    i feel like he is a rock that may not be able to express himself but when he has your fully attention (your not making out with arie for entire
    days & on national television.. his walls would come down.

    but, i'm a def Jef supporter. I would be so disappointed in emily if she picks arie.

  4. I didn't know about reality steve! I love knowing the ending! Even though i was rooting for the runner up. He'll be the next bachelor, no doubt.

  5. I'm so with you... JEF or SEAN!!! SERIOUS!!

  6. agreed... sean was the best "husband/father/partner" combo.
    she let a good one go.
    although you could see she just didn't have "it" with him.
    but that's stupid people... that stupid "it" you so desperately want doesn't last forever.
    it's called lust.
    get over it!
    that's why these couples never make it.
    when will they ever learn.
    i think she'll be arie in the end b/c of the lust stuff going on.
    jeez... still think he's gross and always sucking on her face.
    and i'm always commenting out loud how yuck he is... and then she goes, "dang, he's just SO HAWT!!!"
    what the?!?!
    what did i miss?!
    anyway... poor sean!
    i kept hoping he'd get the driver to turn the car around and show her some hard core emotions.
    like cry and just tell her he can't live without her.
    like good old movie style.
    anyone else thought that?!
    oh well... looking forward to the men tell all...
    although i found it strange there wasn't a real "preview" of that show.
    they always play clips from it beforehand, don't they?
    interesting... what does it mean?!

    1. Its gonna be live! Can ya handle it?!? Me either ;)

    2. what?!
      no way!!!
      i'm gonna peeeeeee my pants.
      can't handle the excitement!! wooot!

  7. ok, you don't need to publish this but i had to say...
    laughing so hard. these boys look like kids. LOL
    oh my heck. i love you. the bach is some funny blog material. fo sheezy.

  8. She kinda looked like a mermaid tonight.

  9. what does everyone else think about the ending? it was quite vague about how it all plays out. i've heard the reality steve prediction, but he was wrong before. so sad for sean. next bach, maybe?

  10. As usual you and I have the same opinions, I would love if you would check out my little bachelorette rant here

  11. oh, i was so sad for sean. i really thought he was going to make it till the end and win her heart but I guess not. i agree too, i think she's making a big ole' mistake and maybe she'll realize that.

    i give her kudos for respecting herself and her family and not having the over night dates. thus renewing a little faith in bach producers that they meant what they said when they told her there were "no rules, and she could do what she wanted."

    i like what jef had to say, I give him the win now too over arie!

    arie, i just don't like for whatever reason. i think he and emily have chemistry and that's about it.

  12. Sooo said sean got the boot :( He was my pick. Jef with one f seems to juvenile in my opinion so I'm pulling for Arie now!

    xo Shane

  13. team sean...sad :(
    team arie...its all really just sexual attraction AND I AGREE..9am- with kids= deal breaker.
    team jeF...he's my #2, even though he looks like a jr high school kid, i DO love the questions he asked AND she can go to that amazing ranch with him..Go Emily
    Did her Boobs look bigger in this episode? just saying..

    1. Yes! She totes had a boob job when she had that four day break in Charlotte before coming to this island. Ha!

  14. As much as I love one f Jef I think maybe he is a little bit too "young" for her. He seems to want to go on adventures and be spontaneous and he would definitely have to settle down. I guess we'll just have to see what happens AFTER. Seeing as not even one tenth of the couples stay together... (made up that statistic but it seems accurate-ish?)


  15. i was really bummed to find out BEFORE i watched the bachelorette (this last episode) that sean went home (leave it to facebook and one's fault but my own to be snooping around). so i went into it knowing he was going home and i was a blubbering mess.
    sean is/was a hunk of a man. a dream boat. perfect and hot. hotter than arie though this episode i thought he looked GOoood.
    jeF seems a bit naive in this post but i like how he's sensitive, emotional, poetic, and romantic.
    i shall NOT fantasize about sean. that is lust.

  16. also i don't get up til 9..neither do the kiddos. they sleep 9 to 9.

  17. omg i'm always instagramming through arie's dates. mainly because i CANNOT handle them making out. i mean, i want to vomit a little. or a lot.
    arie is too intense. and he basically just wants to grab her boobs...which i mean, they are fabulous, but come on. her dad is watching this, arie!