Friday, June 22

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Hi y'all! I'm Amanda, the creative mind behind Royal Daughter Designs. I'm a country girl, farming and ranching on eight beautiful Texas acres. My husband, Mr. E., is a minister and a seminary professor and I'm a small business owner and a graduate student. I'm a has-been foster mom, a self-proclaimed animal lover, laundry procrastinator, sweet tea junkie, and high-heel hater.

Last September my husband and I became first time parents to three foster boys, ages 10, 11, and 15. (My husband and I aren't even old enough to have a 15 year old!) Our boys lived with us for almost six months, and throughout their stay with us people told us how brave we were.

I'm not brave.

Really, I’m not. But for some reason people kept telling me how brave I am. As if doing something completely crazy is automatically equated with bravery.

Three boys.

How is it that the idea of taking in three boys is both reminiscent of a classical piece of literature and a modern day suspense thriller movie at the same time? 

How is it that my heart was filled with love and compassion for them, yet also afraid for them? How is it that my mind knew the craziness of it all, and knew that if it was His will, it wasn’t crazy? How is it that my heart was filled with excitement when the paperwork came in the mail, yet sank in fear at the thought of sending it in? The dual-mindedness was quite vexing!

I wanted my motives to be


I wanted to be obedient and surrendered to Him. If He asked me, I wanted to say yes.  And only if He asked. I didn’t want to say yes to anyone but Him, the only One who has the right to ask me to such a thing. That endeavor was so much bigger than me. So much beyond my ability. No one else had the right to ask that of me. And when He but whispered, I was compelled to say yes.

And in our hardest times with our boys, I always heard Him.

Trust me.

He'd nudge my soul with the reminder to trust Him.

To trust that if He asked me to do this:

I will never be alone.
He will equip me.
He will uphold me.
He will sustain me.
He will empower me.
He will give me wisdom.
He will receive the glory.

Throughout the process I realized that it wasn't about me, or our boys at all. It was always all about Him.

Thank you Danielle, for allowing me to share a little piece of what the Lord has taught me over the last year. Y'all can get to know me better over at my blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Wow. God is amazing, and she is very brave! this is so inspirational, I pray that I have the courage and wisdom to listen when God asks me to do things that require much bravery and faith!

  2. So Inspiring. It is hard to die to our selfish desires every DAY, and follow the Lord's. My prayer has been "Let my heart desire what you want it to desire, Lord." And amazing things have happened! God is awesome. Thank you for sharing :)
    - Meghan

  3. What great prints! Thanks so much! I sure enjoyed reading about Amanda and am going over to her blog now. Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for having me today Danielle! I really appreciate the opportunity to share my voice on your blog.

  5. Love those prints! Thanks so much for the chance to win. :)

  6. Um.. holy wow! I LOVE THESE PRINTS!! And I LOVE her story even more... and I personally think that boys are awesome and thrilling, though so far I only have 2 ;0) Thanks for sharing!!

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