Monday, May 7

my sister's having a baby!

have i told y'all my sister is having a baby?! how am i just letting this news out when she is less than two months away from having her first baby?

meet meghan… my older, only by 18 months, sister. older but not wiser. mkay?

and her hubby, steve. we graduated high school together.

i took some pictures of the parents to be this saturday before her shower. and i will take credit for her fabulous hair and makeup.
enjoy, enjoy:

over on the west coast my two sister-in-laws have blessed caleb and i with four nephews, one niece, and another niece on the way! being away from family is hard, especially when there are kiddos involved. i wish, so badly, that my kids were growing up alongside their cousins. and i can't tell you how excited i am to have a little niece right here with us, only five minutes away. there is something really special about seeing your sister pregnant. sweet little isla mary is due to arrive in the end of june… story will have a sistercousin, only 4 months younger than her! they will be best friends. and also want to rip each other's hair out. ah yes, i cannot wait for those days.

here are some pictures from her shower on saturday:

do you see meghan and i smack dab in the middle? kinda reminds me of two little boys i know. oh ya, my little boys…. minus the dresses. and what do you think? does story look like her mama?

can you handle baby brother-in-law steve in the green overalls? didn't think so.

we had the guests bring books rather than cards, although i am pretty sure everyone brought both anyways. and my mom, martha stewart, made this lovely little book garland with the images of some of our favorite books as kids. 

book page flower centerpieces and little spray painted ceramic owls. the owls are at michael's right now. go buy yourself one… or six.

favors. mason jars decorated with fabric, burlap, bookpage flowers, and filled with chocolate. is there ever really enough burlap, bookpages, and chocolate in life? the answer is no.

ombre napkins. say what.

it's a girl bunting is from bo peep baby.

carrot cake and chocolate mousse topped with raspberries.

some glorious berry ginger ale punch deliciousness.

buntings, buntings, everywhere! 

fruit kabobs!

chicken salad croissants!

do you like all my exclamation points? 

cucumber sandwiches!
some with hummus and some with this dill mayonnaise spread that i now want to spread on everything i eat.

i got my sister my brest friend nursing pillow (sidenote: this pillow saved my life, and back, while nursing all my babies. if you had trouble with the boppy and leaning over to shove your boob in your baby's mouth all while your back throbbed in pain… you NEED this pillow.) a nursing cover and this beautiful hoop for isla's nursery, from take the cannoli. if you haven't purchased an endless amount of hoop art from nat -- what are you waiting for?! 

hope you had a happy shower day, meg! can't wait for isla to get here… and happy monday, y'all!