Tuesday, May 8

here comes another instagram post

so… the question of the day is, did getting an iphone change your life?
and my answer to that is,
if you mean am i never going to use my dslr or write another normal blog post again,
then the answer is yes. 


i'm jesus mom! uh. okay, foz.

a wittle wittle punkin' girl.

doing my sista's hair for her shower.

crazy beautiful. 

all spiffed up for church on sunday. 

sunshine. need a pedicure. mother's day is sunday. someone remind my husband. 

cookies in the oven! 


the star soccer playa

hello, my name is adorable. 

and the green grass grows all around, all around.

a happy snack.

centerpieces from meg's baby shower = our new centerpiece. 

i am so the untrendy blogger right now without a striped straw. how could i?


she puked on me after this picture was taken.


so fresh and so clean clean.

someone got out of their jammies today… and you know it wasn't me.
(first time in bumbo!)

christmas jammies in may. that's how we roll. 

mornin' girl. 

i'm a turtle, mom!

just woke up from nap - wanted pb&honey in bed. NBD.

get in my belly.

love, your lazy blogger friend.


  1. What wonderful pictures! The iPhone is def life hanging haha!! It's crazy how we lived without it before!

    I'm having a cool giveaway on my blog you should check it out!

    Xx Kelly


  2. i love the pb and honey in bed pics!! too cute! really love all the pics. isn't it just wonderful!! i haven't pulled out my dslr in who knows how long. actually my lens in broken so thats the main reason.. but its just too easy to pull out the phone and snap! memories! :)

    1. libby! are you on twitter? i need more ways to stalk you …

  3. love these cute kiddos!! oh and the plaid (madras?) shorts on the boys on sunday - sooo stinkin' adorable :)

  4. you are hilarious!
    "i'm jesus, mom"--so funny. the fabric on those curtains is FAB.

  5. oh my....i always look forward to your posts because you always make me laugh. never fails. :) loved your straw comment! haha....i just did a baby shower this past weekend and thought about those straws a little too late. i drove all around my town looking for them, couldn't find them anywhere, and ended up using the plain ones anyway. ugh!!

  6. I'm kinda jealous of your gorgeous yard with beautiful grass & perfect new fence. Whatever.
    Evie Grace is wearing those same pink & brown striped jammies right now. Friends.

    1. it's the picture friend.. the grass is awful. ha!
      and evie and story have got to hang out. seriously.

  7. ok, all your captions crack me up! loved all the pictures!

  8. Awww!! Your little ones are just TOO cute for words!!!

  9. I do love my iPhone. I tend to waste time on it, but it also is a great tool. & I have no problem with using instagram pics on my blog, especially since I don't have a nice camera! ;)

    1. i mostly use it for ease into 5k and instagram but i can't wait to find more!

  10. totally agree with you on the never going to use a regular camera again! :)

  11. ...and the green grass grows all around.

  12. no but for real...love all these pics!!!!