Thursday, April 26

diy: paper leaves wreath

stop the horses and call me crafty.
look who just broke out her glue gun.

let's get started, shall we?

i'm pretty sure this thing is called a floral craft ring but i could be very wrong. you can use a ring made out of cardboard, a paper plate even…whatever you have laying around.

step 1: make a leaf template and trace it onto your scrap book paper. i ended up using around 60 leaves.

2. cut those bad boys out.

3. dodge the balls being chucked at you by your sons.

4. pinch the bottom of your leaf together, causing the sides to curve in, and staple.
…and please enjoy the completely necessary photos of how-to-staple.

5. repeat sixty times.
i know.

6. hot glue your leaves onto your wreath base. i made a big ol' dollop of glue, stuck the stapled end into it, and held it there until the glue hardened. 

**if you are using a cardboard ring, paper plate, etc. you can staple your leaves on. saves time and fingertips**

7. continue placing your leaves, all in the same direction. i placed my leaves like so: green, yellow, pink, red, blue... as to keep some sort of pattern and prevent the same colors from being placed side by side.

…carry on.

…so on and so forth.

8. voila! add some ribbon to the back or just hang it up as is.

and there you have it.

happy crafting!


  1. Oooh! SO pretty! I want to go make one now! :)

  2. look at you go - dodging balls all the while. love it danielle!

  3. can't wait to make one! or two, or three...

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! those colors are amazing. I miss my glue gun ;)

  5. So cute!! I have been wondering what to do with a bunch of paper scraps I have lying around...

  6. Oh I love this, Danielle! I'll definitely be making one this weekend : )

  7. Love this! So pretty, Danielle!

  8. that's beautiful!!! i love how different it is for Spring!

  9. At last. Something easy enough to make with the box of scrapbook paper collecting dust in my closet! I love the way the leaves snatch your eyes and make them go in circles, following the pattern, several times. Really lovely.

  10. that's awesome, danielle! i love it!