Monday, March 19

fenced in

hey friends. not too much new over here. just one tired mama, one hungry baby, two crazy boys, and a husband who is making my wildest dreams come true… building a fence around our yard!!! this is TRUE mom excitement. there is actually little in life that excites me more than this right now. do you know what it will be like when i open our front door and say go play boys! imma sit here in a chair with a baby attached to my boob and watch you play. and i will not continuously chase after you while you try to run into the middle of the street just to spite me. SUCKAS. i win! 

oh to speak those words! they will come out of my mouth next weekend, people. and you know i will be doing the happy dance when they do. and don't you worry, i won't really call my children suckas, what kind of mom do you think i am?

happy monday to you all!
and a really happy monday to katie, you won yourself a copy of dream big! email me today.