Thursday, February 16

these are a few of my favorite things

you guys.

i have some many lovely things to show you.

let's get down to business right away.

first up: my pretties from along for the ride. laura creates the most beautiful jewelry and i am loving it all. here are a few of my favorites: mustard rose necklace, vintage fabric covered button necklace and purple cabochon earrings. aren't they darling?

i can't decide which is my favorite so i rotate which item i wear each day. go check out laura's blogshop right here. she doesn't disappoint.

my lovely print from art by erin leigh. you can get yours right here.

i am really giddy excited to introduce you to one of my new friends and sweet sponsors, nat, from take the cannoli. first of all, if you know anything about me, it should be that i am obsessed with cannolis. i've been known to devour quite a few of them. clearly nat and i were made to be friends. and second of all, i could spend my life savings on her embroidery hoops. and i plan to do just that. (just kidding, honey.) but seriously, my birthday is april 21st for anyone wondering.

rise & shine is for baby girl's room. have you ever seen anything sweeter? i couldn't take a picture of it hung up in there cause what fun would that be to give a sneak peek before i give the big reveal of her room? so this what you get for now, folks.

i have been walking around singing great is thy faithfulness every day since hanging this beauty up. it's perfect, really. check out more of nat & her beautiful work on her blog & in her shop.

my vintage metal 6 now hanging in our living room. i purchased it from salvage nation on etsy. 6 is how many people are in our family. mmhmmm. i know you are counting to yourslef and thinking she crazy. but once baby girl arrives that is 5 and our other little one is in our hearts til he or she is in our home, and is already SO loved. so 6 it is…. for now at least. i told my husband to not get too used to seeing a 6 there. i mean come on….family's still a-growing, sweetie. on that note, when touring our birthing center, after i told the nurse giving us the tour that this was my third pregnancy, she asked if i would need a tubal ligation after i give birth. i almost spit out my water. no, no i do not need a tubal ligation. thankyouverymuch.

i have never been so excited about a diaper bag in my entire life. when i was pregnant with brody i had no idea about the wonders of the handmade world, and i got a massive navy blue eddie baur diaper bag at my baby shower that i never ended up using cause it was the size of the suitcase i brought to sweden. SO, i was in need of something a bit more fabulous, and a bit smaller. and my girl, aubrey from aubrey plays, created me the MOST beautiful bag for me. it will be my purse when baby is not in tow and my diaper bag when she is. gaze in amazement and droll. the fabrics! the BOW! places for bottles and pacifiers and little containers of breast milk. i mean..what could be better? oh wait, it does get better! a changing pad so poop does not get all over my car and my friend's carpets. and also a matching wipes case. you could say i'm in love. go ahead, say it.

thank you, thank you, thank you, aubrey! i can't wait to be toting around all my girl's stuff in my new bag. and the rest of you? you best head on over to aubrey play's, contact her, and get her to make every mama you know a custom diaper bag… and while your at it, shop all her other beautiful things right here.

and on a different note, i am still pregnant. don't you go thinking that i'd have this baby and not tell you. some days i feel like this child is falling out of me (you're welcome for that mental image) and some days i forget i am pregnant at all… which is quite the feat, considering i look like this:

please don't kid yourself that i actually get dressed and wear makeup. this was valentine' day and obviously the only day i would take a picture of myself. never happening again. mmkay?

let's hope girlfriend makes her appearance sooner rather than later.

and, in closing, my favorite things of all:


  1. just started following your blog,
    your little ones are adorable
    you are a beautiful preggo mamma
    and i love, love all of your favorite things (and your blog)

  2. LOVE that hoop art. and the six is so cool. sweet fave things.
    you look amazing, can't wait for baby girl, praying xo

    love you. more than cannolis, promise.

  3. Wow you are definitely pregnant! Wa hoo! Good luck on the delivery. Hope it's not too long now ;-)

    And you have some amazing sponsors here. Those are beautiful photos. Can't wait to check them all out!

    Hannah at

  4. will you be needing a tubal ligation? who asks that?! i love the embroidery and the 6. i need a number in our house, but who knows how big this family will get, so i probably should wait..

  5. i love everything about this post. everything :) you look beautiful in your sassy red lipstick, i love all the awesome handmade goodies! love it all!

  6. i love all your favorite things.
    and i love that your little lady is going to be here so soon.

  7. i am so excited to see baby girls room and find out her name...excited for you!
    nat's hoops are amazing.

  8. ohmyword Danielle. youarethecutestbabycarringpersonever!
    seriously. and i love your little boys.
    can't wait to meet that girlie!
    and i may be picking your brain re adoption ;)

  9. Those pieces of hoop art are AMAZING! (And I'll publicly share that my birthday is April 22nd, the day after yours:)).
    Im off to check out her shop. And you look beautiful!

  10. That first necklace is super cute. Mmmmmm.

  11. Those embroidery hoops are adorable, and what a steal for those prices!

  12. look at that belly pic. toats adorbs, girl. you're rockin it til the end!

  13. Thank you for posting the update! I've been checking pretty religiously lately waiting to see that sweet baby girl's face :) good luck in the next few days/weeks, hope everything goes smoothly!

  14. I LOVE those embroidery hoops!! And you look great! Almost meet-baby-girl time!

  15. You look beautiful in your preggers pics! Love those little flower necklaces too.