Tuesday, February 14

let me count the ways

i love you because you let me sleep with a fan on every night.

you go to the drug store to buy me tweezers when my eyebrows need some serious plucking and i simply can't go on one more minute with out tweezing them. and for some reason i can't find mine ANYWHERE.... somewhere in our house is a pile of 42 pairs of tweezers.

you will let me watch say yes to the dress even when you want to rent a manly movie.

you put up with my endless questions about what is happening in the giants or yankees game.

you let me ask what if a hundred times over.

you let me talk about baby names til both of us want to throw up.

you notice the little things. like how i'm running low on lemons, so you pick some up on the way home from work so that i can have them for my water. and you bought the plug-in air freshener in lilac scent because you know i buy lilac scented dryer sheets.

you are not embarrassed when i burp louder than any beastly man either of us have ever met. in fact, i think i may have caught you saying that's my girl a few times.

i make you try my food when we are out to eat, you have no choice. but i can simply refuse to try yours.

you don't think i am crazy when i call for you to come shut the light off for me when i'm laying in bed and just don't want to get out. and you don't think i'm crazy when i shout for you, while in the shower, and i need you to put my disposable razor back together that just fell and broke. or maybe you do think i'm crazy... but you love me anyway.

you let me be me.

you let me express myself and be my true outspoken self, and give me the hairy eyeball when you know i've gone too far.

you are the hardest worker and best daddy all wrapped up into one.

you come to every single LOVE146 task force meeting that i run, and stand beside me, supporting me all the way. even more than that, you are standing up for the abolition of child sex trafficking, something that many men won't do, or wouldn't feel comfortable doing. you are not ashamed. i am so proud of you.

i am so proud of you, too, for leading our family in this adoption process, and for not fearing the unknown but embracing and doing what the Lord has commanded of us.

you dream with me. and support my dreams.

you give me reality checks when i need them.

you put me first.

i still get butterflies when yours eyes meet mine in a room full of people.

you won't shave your head because i like your hair long.

you wrestle with the boys, read them their bedtime stories, and sing them songs every night you're home. even after a 14 hour day when all you really want to do is lay down yourself.

you still love me (and sleep with me) when you come home to me wearing two-sizes-too-big, santa claus like, bright red velour sweatpants…every.single.night. 

you told me i was beautiful when i was naked, stumbling to the bathroom after giving birth to brody. i was bleeding, sagging, stretched, crying, and hobbling. and you called me beautiful.

you support me in my thinking that i am, indeed, the funniest person ever.

you buy me fruity candy when i'm craving it, and don't get mad at me, when i get mad that you bought the wrong kind of fruity candy.

when we were dating long distance, i was in new york and you were in washington, you sent me silk flowers. not just any silk flowers, peach colored tea roses…sprayed with your cologne. and in that same package was a bumper sticker of napoleon dynamite that says i caught you a delicious bass. i still have both.

and these are just a few of the ways.

happy valentine's day, my love.
(our love story)


  1. Love this and haha mine supports me thinking I am hilarious too!

  2. aww, that's so sweet! the part about him calling you beautiful after you gave birth brought a tear to my eye! that bumper sticker made me laugh, we luv napoleon dynamite too! sounds like we are both very blessed women to have the patient, loving men that we have! xo

  3. If I hadn't already been smitten with you, I'm even more so now reading this. I am so blessed when I read of a beautiful love like this. Reminds me of me and my hubby. God is so good isn't he.You are such a beautiful couple.

  4. This was such a lovely post to read, you can tell he certainly treats you well. I hope you both have a wonderful Valentines day together :)


  5. Oh I love it! I might have to write my own husband a letter along the same lines. And to tell you the truth, I think they have some things in common! Like how my favorite topic of conversation was baby names for the first 7 years of our marriage ;-)
    Hannah at www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com

  6. awww hahaha I love this list!! Sounds like me and my hubby...We are complete goofballs. LOL


  7. oh! sigh! love! that was a delightful post :)

  8. i totally just cried at him telling you you were beautiful after giving birth! still crying. ahh!! and my hubby also has to sleep with the fan on every night, no matter the temp. :) love you girl, happy heart day.

  9. darnit, this is too cute.

    and the part with him calling your beautiful after you'd given birth and was all that? that part is breath-taking.

  10. very sweet....


    my hubby lived in Washington and I lived in NY when we were dating too....so so sweet!

  11. So beautifully and heartfelt written.
    I think there's no better thing to do than to give love.
    It's just so wonderful to know you are supported and loved by him who is truly yours.
    He chooses you. Everyday. Love is amazing. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. I am laughing and crying this is so beautiful thank you for sharing it and reminding us to think of all the ways our own valentines put up and love us too!! Happy Valentines day to you!

  13. best love post ever.
    happy valentine's day friend!

  14. napoleon dynamite quotes just scream love to us, too.
    this is beautiful, you two are adorable.
    and y'all are right, you are the funniest person ever.

    love you.

  15. Soooo sweet, you got a good one lady just like I did. Lucky us!:)