Tuesday, January 3

the list

i decided to title this post the list.
rather than goals, resolutions, or dreams.

just the list, my 2012 list.



  1. love it :) and I'm SO behind the idea of writing things on the list that will for sure happen (or for that matter, have already happened...ie. #1. De-Christmas the house. done.)

  2. wow! inspiring list! and your going to homeschool? you are amazing! I'm going to be praying for your baby to be able to come home! xoxo blessings in the new year!

  3. make me one. so i can put it in my homeschool room.
    love it.

  4. Love this. Many of these are things that I was to do, too...just not give birth. Not ready for that just yet. ;)

  5. Let me know what you decide on the Preschool thing... my son will be 4 in May and I'm still struggling with sending him to preschool. I have entertained the idea to do it at home as well!

  6. Danielle, great list! I am so with you on the documenting what you cook thing. Now, don't get me wrong- it makes the recipe a little more difficult when you have to remember to take pics a long the way - but it makes cooking so much more fun :)

    I think 2012 is going to be such an amazing year for your family and I look forward to following along, dear!

  7. this is the coolest list EVER.
    what are your plans for homeschooling preschool with brody? i want to do that with wilder (i think) but don't know where to start.

  8. great list! i agree I love to have a list too not just "resolutions"

  9. sweet list.
    You can do it.
    For sure the give birth part right!?
    that just made me giggle.