Tuesday, December 13

happy appys

every christmas eve, after church, we have all my family over to our place for appetizers, opening jammies, a little christmas movie, and a whole lot of love. it's simply wonderful and one of my favorite nights of the year. we have been making some of our signature appetizer favorites for years now and this year i am looking to broaden my horizions. these are some of our current favorites:

and these are some of my pinterest-make-me-drool possibilities:

as you can see, i am mildly obsessed with cheese.

but, i have to ask you, do you have a favorite appetizer that you can share? i mean your knock-em-dead-i-will-not-survive-unless-i-make-it-this-christmas-eve recipes. send me the links, or leave me the recipes here in the comments. i'll love you forever.


  1. Ummm...Yummiest thing I have ever seen! I must try these! Thank you :)

  2. Hi Danielle!
    I don't often comment on these sorts of questions BUT I have a recipe for an appetizer or finger food or what ever you want to call it. It's a NIgella Lawson recipe and I've been doing it for a few years now. It's a crowd pleaser! And so so easy :::

    4 fluid ounces (125 ml) Thai or Chinese sweet chili sauce
    2 fluid ounces (60 ml) cranberry sauce (from a jar)
    2 fluid ounces (60 ml) dark sweet soy sauce
    1 clementine, juice and sliced rind
    1 lime, juice and sliced rind
    15 to 20 pork spare ribs
    Place all the ingredients into a large freezer bag and mix well. Seal the bag and place it on a dish so that it can lie flat. Transfer the bag to the fridge and leave overnight to marinate.

    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C).

    Remove the ribs from the fridge and transfer them from the freezer bag to a roasting tin and cover loosely with aluminum foil. Transfer the roasting tin to the oven. Cook the ribs in the oven for 1 hour, turning them over after 30 minutes.

    Raise the oven temperature to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) and remove the foil from the roasting tin. Cook for a further 15 to 30 minutes, or until the ribs are sticky and cooked through.

    To serve, place the ribs onto a large serving plate.

  3. Have you made the dip with the bar of cream cheese at the bottom of a pie pan, next a can of no bean chili and then about 8 oz. shredded cheddar? Just bake at 350 until melted. Serve with tortilla chips. A pregnant lady could quite possibly eat it all herself. Just sayin.
    Not that I have done that before- wink, wink.

  4. I'm drooling on my keyboard now!


  5. oh my stars above! my tummy is rumbling with hunger and i am drooling just thinking about these delicacies!
    i have 2 never-fails: the 7 layer taco dip (you can take or leave anything you want and layer it: beans, cream cheese or sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, guac, black olives, onions...i like it best made fresh with beans on bottom, then sour cream, after you've stirred in a packet of taco seasoning, then on top of that add the lettuce, tomatoes, olives and cheese, with some cilantro and guac on the side)
    the other is the Knorr Spinach Bread Bowl Dip deal...get a package of Knorr vegetable soup mix and follow the recipe on the box, serve in a hollowed out pumpernickel loaf...YUM!

  6. Mmm, I made that cheese dip in the second photo (and even bought a cast iron pan specifically for it), and it was delish. This bread recipe appeared on our Christmas Eve table last year and was a hit (appearing again next week too) > http://sweetnicks.com/weblog/2010/01/herbed-pull-apart-rolls/

  7. and i'm about to go eat a pound of MOZZ after seeing all this. omg.

  8. Yummmo! I am craving some cheese dipped in cheese now!
    This is my FAVORITE dip and the name, honestly, speaks for itself:

  9. i'm obsessed with cheese too. it's 11:20 a.m. and i'm dying of hunger now!! haha

  10. Mmmm...nothing quite like a good appetizer, eh? I've been making jalepeno poppers for our annual Christmas party for 7 years now. They're always a huge hit. I originally got the recipe from my cousin, but the Pioneer Woman makes the same thing: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/07/bacon-wrapped_j/ Enjoy!

  11. This is knock your socks off and super easy. Get a wheel of brie and slice it through the middle (like you're making a sandwich with it). Put dried cranberries, sliced almonds and some fresh rosemary on top of one half then cover it with the other half. Wrap it in puff pastry and bake for 25 minutes at 400 until its golden brown. Let it stand about 45 minutes before serving. SO GOOD.

  12. Mmm...I love appetizers!!! I have two recipes to share with you and both contain cheese!!
    First up...Artichoke Dip


    Second...Marinated Cheese-super yummy!!!


    Hope you love them as much as I do!!

  13. I warned you I would be stalking the comment section of this post. I'm drooling and really needing a cheese fix!

  14. Chicken Ranch Cheese Ball is my fave! Soften 2 blocks of cream cheese, mix in a drained can of chicken and a packet of dry ranch mix, let cool in the fridge overnight to solidify, form into a ball and roll in crushed walnuts.

  15. we do the same at my house on christmas eve!! yum. i'm keeping this post close! i usually make crockpot meatballs. one bag frozen meatballs, one jar of grape jelly, one jar of yellow mustard. cook on medium for 6-8 hours. yum. :)

  16. I recently made these http://pinterest.com/pin/140806207941518/ and they KILLED it pretty great. Plus they were super easy. Score.