Friday, November 4

adoption update & a sweet print

we get many questions about where we are at with our adoption process. truth be told we are in the same place that we were in when we finished our home study. we will probably be in this place for quite some time, and that is okay with us. we never went into adoption thinking that our child would be placed with us immediately. although we started the process in june (and praying over it long before that) our home study wasn't complete until the end of september. and after that we are approved by the state and then we are a waiting family. so all in all, we've been "waiting" for just a month.

a waiting family has no real timeline. we aren't told the number of days, months, or years that we are expected to wait. it is so case specific that it would misleading for our agency to give us a timeline. there will be no true "update" in our process until we are contacted with a prospective birth mother.

it's a test of our faith, it's a test of trust, it's a test of our patience.

although our heart longs for our child, to know more about them, their birth family, and all the other details we crave to know, our heart also has peace in knowing that the Lord has got this. He is all over it. we will wait on Him and His perfect timing to grow our family. that makes the waiting not as hard. and all in all, our waiting has just begun. families wait years and years to bring their children home through adoption. we feel blessed to be at the place we are… knowing our name is on that list. knowing our story is written and our profile is there to show.

financially we have about $4,000 left to raise. sometimes that seems like a huge mountain to climb. sometimes it seems like it will be easily reached… and then again not. we have faith that He will provide and we will continue to get creative in fundraising.

so many have blessed us with the donations we have already received and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of women in the blogging world who are trying to help out.

every little bit helps.
today i am excited to introduce you to my sweet friend mandy, from mandipidy. she keeps a blog filled with snapshots of her sweet baby girl, DIYS, recipes, devotionals, and much more. her shop is one of my favorites with hand illustrated prints that are on textured cardstock that gives them a canvas feel. there are so many sweet prints to choose from, so many i love.


one holds a special place in my heart though. "my life is complete because of you." if that isn't what every mama feels when their sweet baby is brought into their life, i don't know what is. we long to meet our child, and long to feel complete in our hearts when they are finally with us. mandy created this beautiful print and is donating 100% of the profits to our adoption fund.


i do believe you need this in your child's room, or that baby on the way's nursery. christmas present for your pregnant sister? check.

the print is available in pink and blue as well.

thank you to each of you who have stepped out in faith and are playing a part in bringing our baby home. thank you mandy, for your heart to support us.

"but the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." - luke 12:48

happy weekend and happy shopping my friends!


  1. oh how I know the waiting feeling. God is truly teaching me patience and waiting on His timing. Good to know a friend is going through the same thing. You guys are in my prayers <3

  2. just bought mine.
    only, i'm gonna hang it up in my bedroom.
    i heart my babes, but my man helped make 'em possible so i'm gonna get it for him. xo

  3. im sure the waiting is difficult. God is faithful!

  4. Praying for you as you wait and trust in His timing. Can't wait to see how He adds to your family!

  5. We are in the exact same spot as you guys- waiting for the call! This will be our first though, so it's a quiet empty house till baby comes home! So much anticipation and SOOOOO much to trust the Lord with over and over! Love reading your blog and excited to see how the Lord continues this part of your story.

  6. that print is magical. and so is your heart for adoption.

  7. We are in the same exact place as you guys are: waiting for the call! This will be our first child though so there's lots of anticipation and our house seems so quiet and empty till baby comes home. So much to trust the Lord with in this process!

  8. love the new banner danielle!!!


  9. Love that print! Off to check out her shop.

  10. Holy beautiful!!
    I could not stop myself from buying THREE! She is super talented.
    Love, Leigh

  11. My husband and I are currently in prayer regarding the adoption process. We have always wanted to adopt but weren't sure whether God wanted us to have our own first or not. My doctor recently told me I might have to get a hysterectomy, so I'm thinking that could be a sign.