Monday, October 10

attack of the yellow jacket


i had big plans of blogging today. then yesterday afternoon i got stung by a devilish yellow jacket and the plans changed, folks. i know you all are quite sad to have missed the pregnant woman, holding a 30 pound 2 year old, and three tote bags full of stuff, doing the i'm gettin' stung dance. i'm sure it was quite comical. there is currently still a swollen, hot, painful, and throbbing hand up in here. which may mean i'm heading to the docs. this typing with my left hand only is getting really old really fast. mmkay.

…until next time.


  1. oh my goodness.

    i FEEL for ya sister.

    i have been there.

    and i swell like none other.

    and i even swell like that with MOSQUITO bites.

    i hope the swelling goes down FAST.

    Benadryl and Sleep and not operating heavy machinery are your friends. ;)

  2. what's the deal with all your recent mishaps? you poor thing. love you. sorry i couldn't skype this wknd.

  3. Bummer! I hope you feel better soon!
    (I feel silly to admit that I read the title as a clothing item- not an insect :)
    Like, "why would a jacket that's yellow attack someone?" oh geez.

  4. Oh no!! I hope you're feeling better and ready to type in no time ;)

  5. Feel better. Not fun. :( praying for you!

  6. ouchie!!! Hope the stinging, burning, hotness stops soon! :(

  7. Umm...OUCH! I hope your swelling goes down and that your hand starts feeling more normal Boo on that mean stinky bee!

  8. i stepped on one during the summer a few years back... you should've seen my foot and how i had to walk. it was so sexy

  9. what?! praying all is well asap!
    we get a crazy amount of yellow jackets here. they are the reason i am stoked for the first big freeze! KILL EM ALL.

    also, i love you.