Friday, September 23

our anniversary

Photobucket we ate dinner at our favorite restaurant for our 5 year anniversary. it was so good. if you would like to drool you can read the following sentence which is the description of my meal: bowtie pasta, grilled chicken, mushrooms, pancetta, sun dried tomato, caramelized onion, peas, and walnuts in a roasted garlic and parmesan cream sauce.

every time we leave this restaurant, which is twice a year, i feel so tired towards the end of my meal. i can't figure out why. the low lighting? jazz music? the rich food? whatever it is, i always get myself a good night sleep. PTL for that.

each year we buy each other two cards for our anniversary. i don't know how this tradition started but it's one we love to keep. we buy one card that is more serious, where we can talk about our undying love for each other. are you gagging?

and one funny one.

caleb's funny card to me this year said this:


i love my man.

and now, if you'll excuse me. i think that i have somewhere to be this weekend. where was that again? oh yeah, CALIFORNIA with besties and blog sugar.

buh bye now!


  1. happy five years...and have fun in cali. i miss it there so much.

  2. delightful!! praise jesus for marriage!! xo
    your hair. oh my heck. love.
    we give two cards, too. fun city.

    see you soon!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    See you @ blog sugar.

  4. happy happy anniversary!!
    my husband and i are celebrating 5 years today- with 2 little boys too! 18 months apart. :) it's amazing to realize all the blessings just 5 years can bring!

  5. Happy Anniversary! And have a great weekend!

  6. You two are so sweet, happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful weekend away in CA, so jealous, it's just constant rain here in England!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  7. Happy anniversary! and have fun at blogsugar! Wish I was going :)

  8. Aww you guys are cute! Happy 5 years of marriage!

  9. Did not realize until too late that Jude was pushing the caps lock key as I typed that last comment. What a kid! Welcome to motherhood, yeah?

  10. Congratulations! And I did drool...a little. Okay, a lot.