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Hi, I'm Julie from Breezy Acres Farm. My husband, Ian, and I are parents to two precious preemies and we are currently in the early stages of adopting through the China special needs program. You can read more about our adoption journey here, here, here, and here.


As somebody in the early stages of adoption, I do not claim to be an expert; but, what I do know is that it's already changing my family.

Here's how:
1. Adoption is forcing us to trust God to provide. We can't afford the 20,000 dollar price tag attached to adoption. Seriously–we can't. But God can and He is providing in big ways. I thought it would take months and months to raise the first $5,000 dollar payment and God provided it to the dollar in two weeks. We are planning on listing our "extra" car on Craigslist this weekend to cover homestudy fees and our mailman came to the house today and asked me if I knew anyone who was selling an old car. He's interested. Seriously??!


2. Adoption has given us a daily, eternal focus. How we use our money, time, gifts, passions, and energy matter. If we continue to go through life with the goal of being comfortable or ignore God's prompting to adopt, our lives could easily become selfish and meaningless. We have to obey. We do not want to waste our lives or simply store up treasures on earth. As a couple, we have had numerous talks about what matters in life. It's made material things less pleasing and satisfying as we focus on a little girl on the other side of the world in need of redemption.


3. Adoption has given me a deeper understanding of my own adoption through Christ. He didn't choose me to be His daughter because of what I looked like or how healthy I am. God adopts corrupt, sinful, rebellious people like me so that the praise will go to Himself and His grace. At the cost of the death of his son, he adopted me: failures and sinful tendencies included.


4. Through adoption, we can model the mercy of God. I question who our child will be and what needs he or she will possess. What if we get home and the special need is more than we thought? What if our child doesn't attach to us or we don't attach to her? What if ... In the midst of questioning and imperfection, mercy cries, "I will love you no matter what. " Christ offers unconditional love toward undeserving me. We commit to love the child God brings us, knowing that a deeper joy can be found on the other side of hardship. That eternity can take root in the soil of love.

I can honestly say that the adoption process has already proven to be a sweet time. I am learning so much and it's just the beginning. We are excited!

Thanks for having me, Danielle.

If you are thinking about adoption or are confused about why people choose to adopt, listen to this message by John Piper. It's thought provoking and some of the lessons I'm learning are a result of his sermon.


  1. julie-your family is beautiful, as is your heart! thanks for sharing today. that piper sermon is the jam! one of our favorites. praise jesus. xo

  2. This is such a heart warming story, the cost of adoption is ridiculous, those who want to do good in the world and take on something as wonderful as adoption should not have to pay such extortionate prices. Best of luck to you and your family :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  3. Loved reading this--prayers for you and your family as you go through the adoption process!

  4. Wow, Julie. We adopted two kids this past year. I feel pretty strongly that we are being called to adopt again, but it's so hard. I just love how you put, "we have to obey."

  5. Reading your blog w/tears. I'm an adoptive mama, of two. I know the story, the feelings, the love, and love of the birthfamilies. Powerful unexplained love!!!! I'll be praying for your adoptive journey and your little ones awaiting.

  6. Such a moving post! Thanks for sharing your journey into adoption with us bloggers. May the Lord richly bless your family because if your big hearts!

  7. this is so encouraging :) God can and will provide for you guys! What an awesome testimony that he has already given you!

  8. At first when I came across your blog, I was confused! I thought, who is the fundraiser for? Is she hosting for all of these adoptive families? How sweet of her! So, I kept going back through your previous posts and see it's for your adoption and you're on vacay! Ah, I see! I'm following you now, and going to see what we can do to help! We are saving for an African adoption. It's a long journey ahead, but a blessed one! I'm happy to have your blog in my sweet adoption reads. :)