Wednesday, August 17

this is the stuff

several people have told me that this song reminds them of me…including my dad and my best friend.

what are y'all trying to say? i lose my keys all the time and it drives me crazy?

that is true.

i think my frustration a lot of times comes in petty little things. like not being able to find things, bumping my head, waking up one of the boys by flushing the toilet during nap time, stepping onto a razor blade. you know…those kind of things. the worst one? tossing toys into the toy bins from target and them being too full and the falling right back out at me. it might cause me to curse. that one gets me every time.


i love steven curtis chapman's new song that talks about doing every little thing to the glory of the Lord. what if we all really did that? wash the dishes with joy. wipe bottoms of poop that make you gag...with thanksgiving in your heart. rear ended? LOVE that speedy, not-good-at-breaking person.

it' so easy to get caught up in that something… whatever that something may be. when brody was a baby it would stress me out beyond everything else if he wasn't eating, sleeping, pooping as much or as long as he should be. when you are transitioning a baby into the next phase, cutting out a nap or moving into solid foods, they aren't crawling at 13 months, etc. you get kinda lost in it. especially as a stay at home mom for the first time with your first baby who has now become your whole world. and there is no more college courses, or work days, and girls nights have been put on hold for a bit because your child goes to bed at 7:00 and you're tired after that.

that was the stuff that drived me crazy. i could really get lost in to what i could more of to make him crawl, or to make him eat better, or to make his nap not become the 45 minute intruder. and know what i learned during those trying times?

be still.

i learned to be more thankful and take things a lot less seriously. i learned quickly that life still goes on when the stuff that drives me crazy is going on. the Lord has to remind me of this often but every time He does and i am brought back to reality. and the reality is… blessed beyond measure.

"in the middle of my little mess
i forget how big i'm blessed
this is the stuff that gets under my skin
and i've gotta trust You know exactly what You're doing
it might not be what i would choose
but this is the stuff You use"

also: sharing about my favorite nail polish over on marine parents.


  1. every time i hear that song it reminds me how many stupid little things I stress over every day. crazy when you think about it.

  2. yes yes.
    every single thing is an intentional gift from his hand. lord, let me glorify you in it ALL intentionally!

    great post for me, sweet girl.
    thanks for the heart check. xo

  3. hey. i'm texting you tomorrow. because what the heck. it's been too long. (and because summertime means i have zero minutes to myself, so texting is my secret mental getaway :)

  4. You're blog is such a blessing to read! Thank you so much for sharing :) :) :)
    Love, Leigh

  5. beautiful post! thanks for my daily dose of reality.

  6. oh man. where to begin? My husband laughs because I am such a klutz. I have had a broken toe for 3 years. But it won't heal because I keep banging it, completely accidentally! But he reminds me that these little quirks are God's fingerprints on me. And that is pretty awesome, and ususally helps me snap out of frustration.

    Striving to give God glory though the dirt of the day is much harder for me. Pryerfully working on it right along side of you friend!

  7. oh, i love this song, and the sentiment behind it. great post!

  8. I love that song! And your words were perfect! I DO hate when the toys bounce back out at me. UGH!

  9. love both of those songs, and they simply remind me that it's the little stuff that means the most in life, and throught the littlest things God wants to teach us big things!

  10. Since the small stuff doesn't bother you anymore, it's safe to mention that you meant "braking" instead of "breaking" when referring to someone who does not use their brakes effectively ;o)

  11. i love francesca! and my beautiful mess thank you! ;-)

  12. i think we can all find a bit of ourselves in that song at some point!

    yes, we are blessed :-)

  13. this is now my new favey song.
    must listen to more of her!!

  14. i can so relate. love the fb song! what a great play area for your boys. you are so creative. happy weekend to you!

  15. LOL :) The first time I heard this song, I knew God meant it for me as well! ;) That first line rolled in like BAM! (We were in the car) My middle son, said "Hey Momma! That happens to you ALL the time!" -____- But seriously, my biggest pet peeve, and you will find this out as the boys get older, big boy legos, THEY SUCK! OMG stepping on one those is like getting stabbed in the foot! =/ LOL...But we must remember to be grateful our boys have Lego's to step on...and that God gave us those wonderful boys! :) In my case a Princess as well! With her, it's the incessant whining that little girls do! hahaha..."So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." AMEN!

  16. Thanks for this post. I just needed a gentle reminder how blessed I am xo