Thursday, August 11

guest post: rachel reeves


There have certainly been times in the past 3.5 years when I have asked myself,
"why do you do this?", as it pertains to blog writing.
I would be lying if I said that the answer is always clear.
At times I was simply doing it because I wanted to journal.
At times I was doing it because it was fun and at times I was
doing it to reach out and have someone listen.
When I began seeing how far reaching and powerful blogs were,
my perception and intention behind blogging changed.
I realized that if I was using this blog for anything
besides what the Lord willed for it, it would be useless.

I wondered again this weekend...
When did blogging and writing start being about
who has the best story
ad space
who has the most comments
who is the top dog and the blogging society
subscribers and post counts

Is that stuff as important as we allow it to be?
If we are focusing on that, what
are we NOT focusing on, that is way more important?

And then I found

and I remarked "YES!" as I read through it. YES!

Let's use our blogs for good. To reach others. To stand in the gap. To be salt
and light. To help. To share. To do God's will.

All the rest is just….a contest.

And one that I will never win.
Neither will you.
So, let's just give up,

Give up, surrender our blogs and business' and do great things, together.
Quit the race and allow God to use our blogs for things much greater than what
google analytics will tell us.

His plans for us are so much greater than a "follower" count, anyways!



  1. A M E N
    praise jesus for your example in this.

    both of y'all.


  2. oh how I needed to hear this today as I was down on myself for only having 40 followers. such a great reminder to refocus and renew why I blog. thank you!

  3. This is a great post!! I don't have a single follower, but my blog is my outlet. And, I am growing in my relationship with the Lord so I'm sure my blog will reflect that growth over time as well.

    You are a blessing and so is Danielle!

  4. i have been wanting to write this same thing. but you said it. ha.

  5. you read my mind...and actually maybe a post i started writing last night haha! i literally am working on a post that is along these same lines. i've been thinking a lot lately about my purpose in blogging and my goals in my business. the Lord's moving me in a different direction and i like it :) thanks for your encouraging words. love both you ladies :)

  6. Amen! Its far too easy to get caught up in the numbers. One of the workshops Im taking at BlogSugar is using your blog for a greater good.
    Love it!

  7. Well hello Rachel Reeves! Nice to meet you :)
    Thank you very much for putting my hearts' struggle into words.
    And that prayer is awesome!!

    P.S. Thanks for sharing this awesome guest post Danielle!

  8. Wow! That was RAW!!! Love this :)

  9. I love this!!! I'm so spreading the word! Being a new blogger, it's hard not to focus on that dang "Stats" tab. It started as a blog for myself and that's how it will stay!!!