Thursday, June 2


i go through stages of what music i am grooving to, if any. at this point in my life i listen to a lot of kid's music. in particular, the one kids worship cd that target sells in the little area by cards where you can press the button and hear it. you know what i'm talking about, right? the one where it's like "press to hear the healing waters" and you hear a babbling brook. well, we heard some sunday school jams there one day and then had to go back later that week to purchase it. so we listen to that, they might be giants, words that rhyme with orange, and of course, brody's favorite, need to breathe. if i am kidless in the car, aka twice a month, i am listening to klove. love me some klove.

friends and family breaking it down on our wedding day

it makes me smile, and sometimes laugh really hard, to look back on my old favorite songs and what they meant to me, and the places they take me back to.


this post sort of evolved after hearing how he loves us by david crowder last night and i was brought back to the birthing tub. my ipod was playing a lot of different songs in those early hours of november 19th, 2009. but for some reason this one sticks out the most. maybe because i felt His love ever strong as i was about to bring new life into this world.

here are some more songs and the places they bring me back to.

country songs first. let it be known that i love me some country music, mmmkay.


heartland - i loved her first. my dad and i danced to this song at my wedding.


(clearly country music was made for weddings)

kenny chesney - she thinks my tractor's sexy. (okay, maybe not all country songs are made for weddings) our youth group blasted this as we drove around the united states in a bus. we all sang it together. the.whole.time. i'm sure it creeped people out that a bus full of teenagers who loved Jesus were singing about farmer's tans being sexy but it was just perfect for us. i miss those times.

brooks & dunn - play something country. this is totally random and i have no memories of it other than singing it over and over again when we were first married and living in our basement apartment. my husband questioned me on why i loved this song so much and why i wouldn't stop singing it. maybe it's because i want to blow through a door like TNT, put my hands on my hips and point a finger at him and say i'm a whisky drinkin', cowboy chasin', hella of time, i like kenny, keith, alan and patsy cline. i'm a full blown queen bee lookin' for honey, woowooowooo, play something country. maybe because that's the furtherest from anything i am but i want to pretend really, really badly.

deana carter - strawberry wine. love. i have no other words except love.

my highschool besties and i loved the most random songs. sister act 2's joyful, joyful, say a little prayer for you, walking on sunshine, STOMP. and some rap song that said "i wonder if a shake comes with them thighs, if so baby can i get it supersized" yeah…. about that.

we made videos of ourselves singing these songs, dancing in pajama pants, and reenacting meeting boys we had crushes on at snow camp.


we listen to nsync christmas from october 1st to january 1st in our house. you are not welcome unless you know every word to merry christmas, happy holidays and can do the dance.

speaking of my homeboys, nsync, this i promise you. in middle school i would blast this whenever i was mad at my parents or sisters and slam my door, cry into my pillow and imagine justin timberlake coming to comfort me.

bon jovi - livin on a prayer. true story: in 9th grade my friend cydney and i called a radio station and won front row tickets to a bon jovi concert. my mom actually dropped us off there and picked us up when it was over. i think cydney and i wore, you guessed it, pajama pants. they were in style in 9th grade. ALSO can i please point out that my mom dropped me off at bon jovi concert but i got grounded when the backstreet boys posed on the cover of rolling stone. it was as if i was the one taking part in the provocative photo shoot. but no, just the boy band i loved so dearly. i get grounded for their moral mistakes. clearly my parents did not know about bon jovi and his concerts. ya heard, mom?

songs i love to sing to my King:

and here's a whole buncha randoms:
marit bergman - i will always be your solider. listen to this whole CD!! i spent some time in sweden the summer after i graduated high school. i saw her live and bought the cd immediatley. L O V E.
john mayer - your body is a wonderland. i saw johnny three times live. and i told my mom he wrote this song about his wife so that i could listen to it on repeat in our family van. i lied.
beyonce - irreplaceable (i just like to say to the left, to the left. i always sing this to my husband in the car when we need to take a left, or a right even, i like to confuse him.)

i had blonde hair a few times. don't worry i dyed it brown the next day.

these five songs were on the cd that caleb sent me before we had met in person but we're already falling in love. we wrote letters all the time and these songs are forever etched in my heart. they bring me back to long nights of talking on the phone and listening to these over and over and over again every morning getting ready for my college classes.


colbie caillat (reminds me of the ocean cause caleb and i listened to it our whole drive there and back when we went to long beach island the summer after we were married), sara bareilles, jj heller. their entire cds may be considered "my life". may be.

i could listen to these on repeat all day:

and what am i listening to right now as i type this post?
why this, of course.

this post is getting so long and it is so full of links that your internet might stop working. i know that i am leaving out 210 of my favorite songs. what are your favorite songs? what should i add to my gym playlist? what should i dance around my kitchen to? if any of my links lead you to an entirely different song, or if i spelt every single artist's name wrong…my tiredness is to blame. thankyouverymuch.


  1. I love how music defines the moments in our lives. I too was a hardy boy bander - my hubs hates all those BB and NSync songs, and I will fully admit their cheesiness; but I love listening to them from time to time because they bring back memories of the fun and carefree teenage years. For a while I tortured him by making his ringtone "I Want It That Way". :)

    1. The sound of the ringtones is impressive and I need more than that - ringtone download.

  2. great post! i only love country music in the summer. i am weird. strawberry wine is BAM.
    we love music too-it's how we met. hip hop, it brings people together, yo.

    loveya (praying for you!!!)

  3. This is such a fun post! I love how you have all of these memories connected to songs. "I told my mom he wrote it about his wife" bahaha! So awesome. Some of my favorite memories are stuck to the song Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox and anything by Michael Jackson. I didn't like MJ, but he died while we were on our honeymoon and my husband felt that he needed to educate me on all things MJ. So now I gotta sorta like it all.

  4. ok, love me some Colbie!!! So glad I'm not the only one who loves country music! Well I guess since they sell millions of records I knew I wasn't the only one, but I digress. Please tell me you have listened to the Zac Brown Band??!!! I'm obsessed!We have lots of dance parties with them.

  5. Coldplay and John Mayer's first CD Room For Squares always make me think about dating my hubby and falling in love! And I LOVE Feist and Regina Spektor!

  6. love all these songs, i knew we were meant to be friends! ;)

    tid bit: i hope you dance was a go to song for me when i performed talent in many pageats! love that song.

    country music is for sure thee best!

  7. I totally relate songs to life moments...especially high school, college, marriage, kids...I'll be like: "rememeber when we were doing_______and listening to______? That was awesome!" Listening to U2 just feels so right to matter my mood. And like you, I probably spend more time listening to worship than anything.

  8. i spit out some coffee laughing over your john mayer comment-thanks for sharing some great music! and I do love me some country...even though it makes my husband roll his eyes!

  9. love love love love this post! i have blogged in my head a billion times about music and how it moves me and how it can be such a link to a special time...thanks for sharing. and yes, we just clicked the mindy gledhill link and we loved it :) and by we i mean my 2 little ones and me :)

  10. funny, I just typed up a music post last night for tomorrow ha. ohhhhh postal service makes me so happy. i'm NOT a dancer but I can't stop myself when the district sleeps alone tonight plays. it use to be my morning "get me up" song:)

  11. i do not love country music...but other than that...i love your other music. ha.

  12. I once did a post about albums that take me back to college every time. Funny how music can connect to you to things like that. I could listen to 1234 all day too. And the littles love the Sesame Street version.

  13. We have very similiar music tastes! I was brought up on Country and Classic Rock so I still love both genres...and I totally dig Singer/Songwriter goodies! "Grey Street" and "Strawberry Wine" are pretty much timeless for me. I also love Postal Service. =) Some of my current favs are by Ray La Montagne and Adele...You ever listened to Ryan Montbleau Band? Check them out!

  14. I hear ya on songs taking you back to that special place. I have so many of those. As soon as they first come on I immediately go back to that stage in life like it was yesterday. Ah, the power of songs.

    And Livin on a Prayer. Love it. I got 4 free tickets to a Bon Jovi concert last year and took the husband and my parents and rocked it! I was pregnant at the time and jumping, bouncing and singing that song at the top of my lungs. I bet I looked like a crazy pregnant lady!

  15. I am IN LOVE with this post. We are like music sistas! My dad was a country music DJ for 13 years so all growing up I had country in my soul and it definitely carried through.
    The only thing I can think of to add to your list for now is ADELE! Such an amazing woman! But don't worry.... I WILL be sending you random tweets with musical themes. :)

  16. oh how he loves has special meaning to me with the whole wait for Ronel part of our lives.

  17. So are you sad to hear that David Crowder Band will no longer be after this year? Last tour.... ever... :0( I've seen him a few times in concert, and my husband and I plan to see him one last time in November when he's in NC.

  18. Hahaha! I relate to so many of these, but I started cracking up with Your Body is a Wonderland. I got that CD for Christmas and my older brother got upset at my mom for buying that one because of the sexual songs. My mom was clueless.

  19. Great post. I feel like I have so much I could say lol! I love how much music brings back memories!

  20. I think you definitely need to add some Mumford and Sons in there. Like, for reals...they just may blow your mind ;)

  21. awww...i can't be in a quiet house. music is always playing...i love it! especially country...yep i'm slightly obsessed with it. and for kids music you NEED to check out Seed's worship for kids and sovereign grace worship for kids. a serious must.

  22. since i know you to be a great source of great worship, please check out SisterBrother iTunes or .com enjoy. i assure you, you will not be disapointed

  23. when strawberry wine came out my friends and i decided we should try it. NOT a good idea it was disgusting & dumb.
    life without MUSIC is like trying to live without AIR! I miss veggie tale days my boys a growin up and like yuck music. my fave right now it SIA & Lykke Li. and i have to say i'm so jealous that you've seen John Mayer 3 time, bleh.
    I love his music!

  24. great post! country music= great for weddings.. my husband and i danced to "carried away" by the George Strait!! love that guy!

  25. ha ha ha ha!
    i cannot stop laughing about how you lied to your momma!
    ha ha ha ha ha!
    'oh mom, he wrote it for his wife!!!!'
    you are hilario!
    love it!
    gotta love me some country too.
    my hubby is a huge country fan and so of course i had to come on board.
    we're seeing kenny this summer!!
    yee haw!
    our 'unofficial' wedding song was good old shania, "from this moment".
    aw yeah... cheese!
    the 'official' song (that was sang at the ceremony)?
    steven curtis chapman, "i will be here".
    double cheese!
    ha ha ha!
    i love the cheese though.
    i will readily admit to singing at the top of my lungs to cheesy love songs.
    plus old skool christian tunes, i.e. MWS and DC Talk.
    c'mon... we're so similar, you have to say you were in to those too?!?!?

  26. oh yeah... forgot to give some of my favs...
    what really brings me back to good times...
    i.e. dating with my hubby and making out (yeah, i just wrote that!)
    is counting crows (especially the live CD), sarah mclachlan (surfacing) and fiona apple.
    oh yeah, those were some good make out tunes! ha!

  27. Gotta say I haven't heard of a few of these artists. Maybe I'll have to check some of them out.
    Bless the Broken Road was our wedding song too. I actually walked down the aisle to it. Yeah, that song will forever have a special place in my heart.
    My husband and I met online also. He's from Miami, I live just outside Tampa. Right before he moved up here to be with me, he sent me Nickelback's Far Away. That's unoffically our song.
    I love me some country too, but mainly if it's 90's country. I don't care for today's stuff, the real thing is in the 90's.

  28. Ahh, Strawberry Wine. Love love love!!!

    I have not heard of a LOT of the songs you listed, so when I get some time, I'm off to check them all out! Enjoy your day, Danielle!

  29. Gotta say one of my favorite blogs yet! I absolutely love music, it makes the world so much sweeter. I'll be humming tunes all day:) XOXO

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