Tuesday, April 12

ten awesome things & one not so awesome thing

awesome thing #1:
sleeping in a king size bed all last week.
i like to sprawl and i had myself a lot of sprawl space. yeehaw!


awesome thing #2:


it may not seem so big and fabulous to some of you but, coming from a girl who's bathroom itself is the size of that shower, it is SO big and fabulous. take me back, baby. i love you, shower.

awesome thing #3:
know what the best part of this shower is? THIS THING.


does anyone know what this is called? your foot rests perfectly on it to shave your legs and there is a place designed just for your razor. who invented this thing and why aren't they at my house right now installing one in my little tiny dirty shower? please. if it is possible to have one of these in our shower then it will be what i ask of my hubs for my 25th birthday. that and nothing else.

awesome thing #4:
how did i not know about this until a few days ago?
i will be using this 6 times daily. i don't know if a better website exists.

awesome thing #5:


my hoop art made for me by sweet ashlee for heather's hoop art swap. i love it, thank you so much ashlee! it was so fun to come home from vacation with little surprises waiting for me.

awesome thing #6:


my baby boy falling asleep in my arms on the plane ride home sunday.
oooh, oh the sweetest thing.

awesome thing #7:


my other surprise waiting for me when i got home! my new painting from my dear friend, casey, in all my favorite colors. i lalalove it. you are so good to me.

awesome thing #8:
cranberry juice cocktail


for real. every time i drink it it takes me back to the hospital and sipping cranberry juice while in labor and then sending my husband to retrieve gallons of it postpartum. i drank some on the airplane and i loved it so very much.

awesome thing #9:
doing this. all.the.time.


or at least during.nap.time.

awesome thing #10:
my other baby boy.

my God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do.

and the not so awesome thing of the day is:


this happens to me EVERY time i get a manicure...which has only been like five times in my whole life. but, for some reason, when i went to get to my pedicure before vacation i got a manicure as well. and this is what it looked like the next morning. never again.

are you totally sick of the word awesome yet?
have an awesome day, dude.


  1. Ok I was gonna comment on your vacation until I scrolled down and saw that hoop art.Its GORGEOUS! Im gonna have to make me one with my business/blog name on it. Love it!
    And that shower contraption? Shut the heck up! Ive never seen one of them. I thought it was a soap tray and was like "why is she so excited over a soap tray?!" Hahaha.
    Have a great day! Are you still up or did you just schedule this? Yes, Im all kinds of nosy right now.

  2. Your posts make me smile. See? :) Awesome.

  3. My nails normally do that, too! What I have on them right now is the longest they've looked decent. I bought the cheap stuff at Target...Sinful something or other...and they've only chipped a little...and they've been painted since Wednesday! But yeah...I feel your pain. Looks like your vacation (and your surprises) was/were definitely awesome!

  4. dude...i want that step thing for my leg too!!! Hopefully I dont have to go to florida to get it...hahaha


  5. i love this post. you got a casey weigand painting! ahhhh!!! awesome. your hoopty hoop art is cute, too.
    of course you would have cute perfect toes.
    of course.
    can't wait to see you in sept.
    night, lady.
    also you have no cellulite? wha??? :-)

  6. this post? awesome.
    love me some cranberry juice!!!

  7. your vacation looks amazing i love laying out!
    that foot holder in the shower is AWESOME, i've never seen one of those. i think i need one...
    chipped nails are the story of my life.... for real

  8. loved your awesome things! And that shaving-legs-shower-watchamacallit is genius! Your babies are too cute!

  9. stop it with that hoop art and casey's painting! lucky ducky. looks like you had a divine time!! and the perfect remedy for those nails...did you see Shauna's post about OPI gel polish about a week ago? it is not like polish and so it doesnt chip. its completely awesome. have to find a salon that does it. AND i've been wanting your special bronzer all week! gotta find it.

  10. this posts makes me smile. It also makes me yearn for a king size bed. So jealous.

  11. Cranberry juice makes me think of the same thing. Especially Cran Apple, which is not a favorite - except when I want to think about my kids as babies!
    And that foot holder? Brilliant.

  12. Ha-Larry-us dude.
    This is why I don't ever paint the nails.
    Casey's painting is awesome!
    And the hoop art, very nice, very nice.

  13. What an awesome list of awesome things! I especially love Casey's art :) Also? I'm really super glad that the least awesome part of this post was chipped nails (and not something more horrendous). Have you ever heard of the gel treatment you can get for your nails? It'll cost an extra few bucks but the results last for WEEKS!! :)

  14. Those things are very much awesome. Have to agree with you there! Ahhh...vacation is awesome in and of itself! :) And manicures, overrated. Now pedicures - they're awesome!

  15. So glad you enjoyed Florida and our wonderful beaches. As soon as you left the ridiculous insane spring weather has begun, 91 degrees and this is our spring! I love that pic of the cross, great work!

  16. LOVE the hoop art!
    LOVE the shower thingie! Looks kinda odd, but it would be so much easier to shave. :)
    LOVE your sweet posts. You're an inspiration!


  17. All of these things are awesome!

  18. i must say, #10 might be my favorite. too cute!

  19. how could anyone one get tired of the word "AWESOME"??? DUDE... it's like my fave!!! after all i'm a CA girl.
    i love your list of awesomeness.
    manicures are not awesome! us momma's do way too much with our hands.


  20. I love the hoop! It is amazing. I want one now!

    My nails do that too so I have basically given up but I went the other day to get the new Shellac gel nails and they are awesome. Can last 2 to 3 weeks without chipping. They are pretty expensive so I am only going to do them every once and a while but it is a good treat for anymore.

  21. ahhhh-some! you forgot the word, dudette though. so ya.

    glad you had fun. at first i thought that was your room and i was like...hmm, i need to buy her a new bedspread. LOL

  22. LOL - love you, girl!!!
    wish i had a kingsized bed - ugh!
    i can totally relate to the cranberry juice thing...i drank a ton of it after the birth of each baby...yummmmmy :)
    i've gotta get me #3
    and #9, yessss - that's me all summer hahaha!

  23. we use the where's my cell phone website too frequently around here. glad to see i'm not the only one. and LOL, Jami! we know you have better taste than that :)

  24. Oh the juice! My hospital made a cocktail of cranberry, apple and orange juice with just the right amount of crushed ice. I drank gallons of it during all my labors. Sadly I was never able to repeat it at home :( The painting and hoop art are sooo beautiful! How fun to come home to that.

  25. That shower footrest looks AMAZING! I can't count how many times my foot has slipped off the edge and slammed on to the floor. I wonder if you can buy them at Home Depot and do some home installation?

  26. 1. that hoop art is amazing
    2. why are you so stinking cute in all your vaca pics? i want to be you.
    3. kids falling asleep on you anytime, anyplace = best thing evaaa
    4. that shower invention is uhhh-mazing! i need one asap.
    5. wheresmycellphone.com ... that is the bomb.com/amazing

  27. i am laughing at jami's comment b/c i first thought - wow. ok. that is not really the bedspread i envisioned her having, but whatevs. to each their own.

  28. i love that hoop art thing! it's so bright and pretty!
    and #9? yeah, i'm jealous. can't wait for summer! :)

  29. there can never be enough awesome--it's diggity! love you list, and that hoop art is so cute! adn i need one of the shower thingys! ps--you and your fam are so cute!

  30. rad post awesome lady. rad.

    umm the step to shave....why is this not in every shower???? why?

    ya, i agree, manicure on a mom = bogus

  31. You came home to some serious 'happys!' That's what we call sweet surprises.

    That shower foot stand thingy is pretty awesome. I've never seen one before.

  32. this just further confirms we are sisters because every time i get a manicure the same thing happens. what do we do with our hands that causes that??? how do ladies go around with fancy long nails? i just don't know.

    p.s. mr. brody's video put a big smile on my face!

  33. love the hoop art from ashlee! it is indeed, awesome. Even awesomer is that artwork...i luuuurve those colors too. the whole thing is perfect. lovely vacation pics, i sure miss me some sunshine state. cali isn't too bad though.

  34. You should try the "Shellac" manicure - it lasts for 2 weeks (I promise!) and your nails are 100% DRY when you leave the nail place. It's amazing!