Friday, April 29

the joyful life library giveaway winner

195 books were purchased for the joyful life library project.

o n e h u n d r e d & n i n t y f i v e!!!!!

THANK YOU to each of you who donated and each of you who bought books. you each have brought some joy to children when they need it the most. your kindness and loving hearts have blessed me and so many others. thank you, thank you, thank you.


congratulations lexi!!!
please email me and forward me your confirmation email.

****if i do not hear from the winner or do not receive a copy an
confirmation email for books purchased for the joyful life library a new winner will be chosen****


  1. praise jesus-what an awesome thing! 195!!xo

  2. wow, 195! That's awesome! I've been looking for this announcement all day... lol. Congrats Lexi, I am so jealous. ;D

  3. Beyond awesome! What a great, selfless birthday gift!

  4. you are my favorite.
    just thought you should know that.

  5. Are you serious!!! This is so cool! I just wanted to buy some books to go to sweet families while they stay taking care of their kids - I seriously can't believe it! Danielle, I ASSURE you, this winning announcement will bless others - I will definitely be sharing!!!

  6. woop woop woop woop, massive happy dance all around my house! 195 books! lexi wins! hallelujah!

  7. that was way too close to my number!
    lexi is a lucky girl!
    yay for the library!
    so awesome.

  8. congrats! you are a winner of the "VERSATILE BLOGGER" AWARD!!!

    congrats on the library too! xoxo

  9. sorry here's the link :)