Thursday, March 31

three ladies

brace yourselves.
you will have a new obsession in about .2 seconds.


i ordered my girl, lindsay, a brooch-pin-clip-headband-attachment-of -love from come and knock for her birthday.
little did i know that sweet and sneaky amy would include another one as an early birthday present for me.


umm. thank the heavens that she did.
cause i can't imagine my life without this flower.


my favorite thing about this flower, besides the fact that it so well made that it looks like i bought it in a department store, and besides the fact the color combinations make a girl melt, is it's versatility. i mean seriously, the things you can do with this baby are unreal.


amy is one of my three ladies of the day. i just made that term up. lady of the day.
not to be confused with a lady of the night. it's more like star for the day when you're in second grade.

back to amy. go shop her gorgeousness here!
my birthday is april 21st if you need someone to shop for. mmmkay.

lady number two is lindsay, you know the one i bought the pin for.
well, it's her birthday today! go wish her a happy birthday here!

lady number three is emily.
emily's precious daughter elsa is finally home with her family!
my heart is so full for them.
go leave emily some love here.

oh yeah, and one little MINOR detail about these three ladies that i love.

we are all HANGING OUT TOGETHER in 8 days.
as in... i want to body slam you i'm so excited to meet you in real life form.



we are uniting.

we are going party like it's 1999.


  1. it will be so wonderful. i promise. i met my bff online in 2009 and we've each made a cross country trip (1600+ miles) to stay with the other for a week. we got along smashingly in real life form and so will you. i am so excited for you!!

  2. I love the clips. buying one asap. p.s. I'm so jealous that you all get to hang out! have a blast!!!

  3. oh gosh. i am so jealous. it hurts!

  4. yay for the 21st. that's my daughters!

  5. i can't stand the cuteness. must get one asap.
    you girls are going to have THE best time together.
    and no, i'm not jealous in the least bit thankyouverymuch.

  6. Oh my word. That one clip has a little owl in the middle. I neeeeeeeed it.

  7. Danielle. You make me smile, like BIG time. The support and love you have shown me in our "short" friendship has been amazing. I am so happy the internet has brought us together ;-)

    Tattooing and piercing in 8 days! Still thinking about that dolphin on your lower back?!


  8. Please stop. Please just stop the gorgeous factor goin' on. I can't take it.

  9. Ut oh...tattoos & piercings? you girls sound a little naughty:)
    On a side note, I somehow knew our birthdays were close. Mine is April 22nd. WE should celebrate together. Or form a club or something. Because I want to be your friend too:)
    Have a great day and yay for some girl time!

  10. That is so exciting! I love all y'alls blogs!

  11. ok now I DEFINITELY need one of those bad boys, like, pronto. Holy cow to say that you rocked that flower clip is an understatement! Girl your so pretty <3

  12. Ook LOVE the flower & couldn't be more jealous that you all get to hangout. Have a wonderful time :)

  13. Love the pins, and a little jealous of your friends that get to meet YOU in real life.

  14. APRIL 21st is my birthday as well!! Although I may be 10 yrs older than you:/

  15. OH! How fun to meet blog friends in person!!!!

  16. woop woop!
    Love my pin.
    Love my ladies.
    Love my bday wishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.
    1999 baby. Yeah, you were like 2 in 1999.

  17. awwww so wonderful. you are so beautiful; i am going to go curler my hair now.
    i am excited for you girls! have fun!

  18. you look so beautiful! love the flower...i had better get one.
    so excited you girls get to hang out. enjoy! i'm coming next time. :-)

  19. it is because of you that i use hot rollers in my hair almost every day. not kidding. have SO much fun! jealous, jealous, jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Listen. Today on the news they said that they brought back the killer whale that killed it's trainer to sea world in Orlando. So beware or be square. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  21. sooo cute that you are sooo excited to hang out with these beautiful gals!!! body slam huh! haha!

  22. why must you always post such adorable things that I just MUST buy?!
    you're beautiful!

  23. i want to call you a beeotch for getting to hang with all of them... but ya, 99 was a good year. party it up. don't forget your pager. that's right, i had a pager in 99.

  24. I am so down with getting a tattoo.

    Just sayin'.

  25. "i want to body slam you".

    favorite line of the day. or week.

  26. love the flowers
    the ladies are awesome.
    i'm jealous of you all! i want to hang out with you super cool ladies!

    i got my wreath today. it's even better in person.

  27. Sooo... the brooch-pin-clip-headband attachment is super cute. SUPER cute. But your hair??! How oh how does a girl get those curls? Please share your secret...pretty please. :) OH and how fun to meet blog friends. I love that.

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