Thursday, March 3

ask me anything

thanks to all you lovelies who made me smile yesterday. i have no plans to stop blogging. just gotta keep it in perspective sometimes. i know you all know what i mean, the blogging world is a weird one. and know what's even weirder? talking about blogging with people who don't blog. or people you know in real life who read your blog ...who you don't know. weird and funny and awkward all wrapped up into one crazy little package.

i tend to overthink things. it's usually a negative thing. ask my hubs.

shall we change the topic?

a buncha bloggers have done an ask me anything post and i have loved to ask them the questions that have been meaning to all along. i try my very hardest to answer any questions left in comments or write back to emails but sometimes i am being sidetracked by two little hooligans named brody and foster.

so, now here's your chance to ask me all those burning questions! can you handle the excitement?! this is a post i have been meaning to do but may or may not be being posted today because i got nothing else for ya.

so ask away, i am a tmi kinda girl.
i'll answer them in a post next week.


  1. i love the collage pictures you do with different design elements included...where do you get your elements and fonts?

  2. okay i have some...

    how r u so beautiful?

    and i literally cant remember if ive already asked you this bc ive asked so many of the bloggers that i love, but whats the best way for us "new" bloggers to grow our following? esp if we are on a tight budget and cant sponsor a ton or do a lot of giveaways!?

  3. ok, these might be kinda random but...

    my 1st question is how do you get your hair like that? it is pretty!

    and my other question is are there any interesting stories behind why you picked your sons' names? i'm always interested in asking people this :)

  4. What's your usual beauty routine? Hair and makeup, I'd like to see brand names too!

    I dunno, I'm just curious.

  5. About how many blogs are on your daily "must read" list? Do you typically read lots of blogs or just a few?

  6. I found your blog during the Love Stories feature month and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Here are my questions:

    Do you use actions on some of your posted pictures? If so, what actions to you use and are they PSE-friendly? I LOVE THEM!

    How do you do that awesome formatting of your pictures? The ones that have the rounded corners and are grouped together?

  7. hmm... let's see... what's your favorite book/what are you currently reading? passage in Scripture you're loving right now? beauty routine/must-have product?

    i think that's about it! :) can't wait to see all of the questions and answers!

  8. do you have hair extensions? seriously, i want your luscious locks.

  9. and how are your eyes so blue.

  10. i am choosing not to use question marks. how is that for 3 comments.

  11. what advice do you have for beginner bloggers?

  12. am i limited to just one?

    does that count as one?

    for real now:

    what is something you are looking forward to?

    how did you get so awesome at photography? any tips?

    what are you just dying to tell me about?

    I'll let you know if i come up with more. :)

  13. i'm infatuated that you live in upstate NY. have you always lived there? what do you like/not like about it?

  14. How do you keep it real & not worry about what others think? I am always afraid of being judged.

  15. I want to know how you get that perfect wavy curl!!!!

  16. First of all - "talking about blogging with people who don't blog." YES. weird. they don't get it, and you look like a creeper.

    Second of all - yay, a Q&A! I love these. Mine is pretty simple, though it's a two-fer.

    1a. When & why did you get your nose ring?
    1b. Does it make you feel as awesome as you look?
    2a. Do you have any tattoos?
    2b. Would you get any tattoos and if so, what?

  17. are you planning to have anymore kiddos?!

  18. haha i like the pic! your eyes look bright!

  19. how are there no questions here? 700plus followers and no one wants to be first!

    i have a question danielle, so dont worry! LOL

    1. how did you go from a handful of followers to the ridiculous number of follwers you now have?

    2. hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow did you last so long breast feeding your babies, when you had such a hard time doing it?

    and there is a statement- you are awesome and wonderful and beautiful, and i love your blog, and i love you in person.

  20. How would you suggest starting out in the blogging world? Do you earn any $ from blogging? How do you earn $ from blogging etc?

  21. I'm with all the others who are asking about blogging to grow my blog...ect (if you haven't noticed I have been really working on getting followers, hahaha).

    Do you have an all time favorite blog (besides mine, just kidding) or do you have a ton that you just love, do you read a lot of blogs?? I agree with you it is weird to talk to non bloggers about blogging. I may stop back if I think of any jucier questions, LOL.

  22. How are the morning workouts going?

    I need to start doing that and would love to know how you are feeling during the days after you workout?

    I fear I would be left so exhausted that i would fall asleep mid day and my daughter would reak havic on my house while i blissfully slept ;)

  23. I agree with the blogging, hair, & NY questions.
    My questions are:
    How do you manage your blogging? (time spent writing/reading/commenting)
    Also, could you share a little about when you 'prayed the prayer'? I loved reading the Love Stories, but would also love to hear the testimonies (well, the younger years) from some of my favorite bloggers!

  24. hi, can i please make out with your hair?

    that's my question.