Monday, February 21

DIY & confessions

i have two confessions to make before i share savannah's awesome DIY. this weekend was the first time i used mod podge. ever. what kind of blogger who is occasionally crafty am i? second confession: i am going to show you my incomplete DIY. ice cream and reading took place of painting and cleaning last night for me. sue me.

onto to the DIY:

Hello Take Heart readers, I'm Savannah and I blog over at Savannah Smiles! I got super giddy when Danielle asked me to guest post on her beautiful blog, I hope you enjoy the fun DIY!

I LOVE books, but I also love making art out of them. Sorry. If tearing pages out of books makes you squeamish, look away now. If it makes it any better I try to find really boring looking vintage books to rip up, I would never rip up my copy of A Tale of Two Cities, or Robinson Crusoe.

  1. Vintage books (if this idea TOTALLY kills you you can use anything and then just tea stain it to look old), old hymnals, or sheets of music

  2. Mod Podge

  3. Paint

  4. Stencils (or you can free hand it and be WAY more artistic than me!) I use the helvetica stencils from Michaels

  5. Paintbrush

  6. Canvas

  7. Old magazines (I use Anthropologie magazine)

First rip out all the pages you are going to use and start to arrange them how you want them on your canvas

Once you have an idea where everything is going, start with your bottom piece and Mod Podge away. Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the canvas where your book page is going and flatten the page to the canvas. If you are not careful you will get air bubbles, so make sure to go slow and flatten all the way.

When you have Mod Podged the whole thing to the canvas spread a generous amount of Mod Podge over the whole thing to really seal it in and stick it down. It dries clear, but make sure there is an even amount all the way around. **Let dry completely. I let mine dry all night**

At this point I cut out some decorative elements out of some Anthropologie catalogs.

It is now time to stencil (or free hand you lucky artistic folks!) whatever you want. I chose a bible verse for mine. Matthew 6:30.

Hang on the wall an admire your new artwork. I would have loved to use more or my Anthropologie cut outs, but the verse was pretty long!

Love, Sav


is this not fabulous?
go leave savannah some love on her blog and check out all her other awesome diys.

here is mine…so far.


when it is finished it is going to say

"i will not rest until GOD and LOVE are synonymous in my own mind"

i don't remember where i first read this, or heard this. i just remember jotting it down on a little crumpled up piece of paper and sticking it to my fridge. this is the cry of my heart right now. and when it's not the cry of my heart, it should be. my Jesus is LOVE. and if i am a follower of Him i should not doubt Him and i should live out love just like He did. what a challenge, what a inspiration. i started reading ann voskamp's book, one thousand gifts, this weekend. whew. it is making me think about God and love being one in the same more than ever. happy monday, you guys.


  1. oh i LOVE this!! and i love the quote about god and love being synonymous!!

  2. lookin good.
    i did not know you were a MP newbie.
    make sure to was your brush good!
    i have ruined 356 brushes to MP.

  3. look at creative! you should start an etsy shop!

  4. oh man...this is awesome! totally awesome idea!

  5. love this! such a great and inexpensive idea :)

  6. seriously, cuteness! i am obsessed with modge podge. smelling it makes me feel 10 times more creative. so i take a wiff every morning when i wake up. LOL. not serious. or am i?

  7. this is so sweet.
    im going to buy books today to make this,
    i have had an empty canvas just laying around awaiting a life. now i know what it will be.

  8. friend, i want to be you when i grow up.

  9. So great! I've started reading One Thousand Gifts as well, but I haven't read very far into it yet. Can't wait to see what's in store! I have a feeling it's going to kick my butt.

  10. i was totally going to do a diy tutorial of this on my blog cause people emailed me and asked me to after i posted my new canvas but i didn't want to b/c it took so long. so now i'm directing them to you. thanks. ha.

  11. I'm with ya on the modge podge....first time last year! :)

  12. mod podge is not my favorite i think b/c i have to be okay with it not being perfect. BUT this project calls for the jar to come out. I HAVE TO and WILL BE doing this. thanks for sharing!!

  13. So cute! I keep my old Anthro catalogs too! Haha nice to know I'm not alone.

  14. wow, this looks great. I saw another similar idea, using an old picture and its frame, but this is equally as great! I think these would look lovely in a baby's room (but then again, I have babies on the brain) so maybe I'll make one for my niece...

  15. I love this craft! But, I really, really love that quote you are using on yours. I need to put that up in my own house!

  16. I love that yours is incomplete. I laughed... because I would totally stop anything for ice cream.

  17. Simply beautiful! I love the quote you chose :) Oh and welcome to the world of Mod Podge!!

  18. this is really lovely! i totally want to try this now! thanks!

  19. I'm going to write down that quote and stick it to my bathroom mirror. I really love this many ways to personalize it!

  20. love everything about this post!! and i bet you are a new woman now that you've used mod podge!

  21. oh love it! amazing as always. you better show us the finished product! :)

  22. What a fun idea. I just wrote a post last week about using Mod Podge for Valentine's Day projects.
    Mod Podge Valentine
    Enjoy using it. It makes crafts fun and easy.

  23. Oh I love this! I will put it on my to do list!

    FYI - I just made your yarn and felt wreath. I will let you know when I post it on my blog and link it to your blog! It is too cute ;)

    I am going to check out Savannah's blog now, thanks!

  24. this is such a neat idea! also, i love the quote on yours. "The Greatest Command," based on the verses from 1 John is one of my favorite songs. :)