Saturday, February 19

blogging on saturday

hello, all you pretties. my name is danielle, i keep this here blog. do you remember me?

just checking.

i am blogging on a saturday cause i miss you. it's true.

let's keep talking about love.

our valentines day was sweet. new york had a heat wave for a day and we reached 50 degrees. count it 5-0. brody got to frolick around at the park with his favorite great aunt while foster took a super long nap and i laid on the couch with sunshine seeping in. it was heavenly. when my man got home, we tucked the boys into bed and ordered our favorite take out. it was test for him to see if he would get my favorite italian canolis when he picked up the food. umm, yeah. he failed. next year, babe, next year. or tomorrow. whatever works.

i even got dressed up a little. aka got out of the t-shirt i slept in the night before.

target always has these dresses that are a little too short to actually wear as just a dress. what is up with these things? i can't decide if they are shirt or infact a dress. i always end up buying one because they are $4 on the 75% off rack, and then wearing them with leggings. however, valentine's day date night at home i wore it as a dress. inappropriate for a restaurant, yet completely approrpriate for date night at home with my man.


and there's a sneak peek of our living room. yeah, we still don't have curtains up. my mom has the fabric but somehow has not sewn them for me yet. even though i gave it to her three months ago. it's not like you're crazy busy every day, mom. what are you doing today?

my hubby bought me a valentine's day card that says this:

i love that we're in this together,
raising our family.

i love that the kids have you.
teaching them to be kind.
to care.
to love.
to pass it on.

and i love that
i have you by my side,
now and always.
making our life beautiful,
in so many ways.

so, he didn't write those words himself but he sure knows how to pick em.
a little affirmation for my mothering skillz made me melt, honey.
he did well, no? it made up for the lack of canolis.


love you mister.


  1. oh my, SO sweet!!!!!! you are beautiful by the way!

  2. sounds like a great evening - you guys make a cute couple! :)

  3. Dude, I was totally gonna email you today and tell you that I am loving the love stories but missing you!! Glad to hear from YOU today friend! Happy Saturday! are so pretty my dear!

  4. I just made curtains and put them up in our living room-- we've only lived in this apartment for 16 months. ;D

  5. So sweet! And you look adorable [and I totally agree- what kinda of a length are all these dresses these days?? I hate sitting down and finding out there's not enough fabric to cover my caboose- thank goodness for leggings and @ home date nights! ;]

  6. look at your gams!!! too cute.
    your couch looks alot like ours...;-)

  7. you are too cute.
    i have missed your bloggyness.
    i think you could totally wear that dress on a hot summer day and get away with it.
    love to you.

  8. So glad you hear from you! I love that you dressed up for a night at home. I probably would have just left my pajamas on.

  9. a. i hear you on the short dress / long shirt conundrum. especially b/c i'd like to be able to wear those things to church or the office. plus, the whole long shirt thing makes me EVEN SHORTER than i already am. didn't think that was possible, until i put on one of those "things" with jeans. hmmm.

    also, did you swap your furniture around?? wasn't your couch on the other side? i mean, it was in july when i was there... but we all know you... furniture doesn't stay in one arrangement for very long :) if you get the chance i'd love to see a whole shot, and i know you write this blog just for me, so i'm going to go ahead and dictate your content, k?? :)

    love you friend, miss you, love the card that caleb gave you. so right on and so sweet :)


  10. cute post!!! Love your living room btw :) nice colors!!

  11. I LOVE the blue paint. Beautiful!
    <3 leigh

  12. ummmmm love your dress. love the sweater. love your living room and i don't know what canolis are.

  13. YAY! I have missed you.
    Totally agree about the short dresses. Good call wearing in for a stay home date night.
    I have the fabric for James' curtains in my craft cabinet. He will be 1 in about a month. 3 months ain't nothin'!

  14. What a sweet card! He totally got it right. :) And, I just have to say that I LOVE the love story posts. It's so encouraging to see strong, healthy marriages that have really weathered life's toughest storms. I've only been married for 6 months and I'm thrilled to think that my husband and I have so much room to grow together and in Christ. Thanks for the encouragement! Xo, Katie

  15. holy cow! your followers are getting right up there aren't they?! way to go!!
    I'm glad you all had a good Valentines, too! and jealous of your warmer weather...its snowing here.

  16. awww so precious! Happy valentines day you two lovebirds : )

    p.s. I have the same rug!

  17. I missed reading your day to day posts! :)
    You look hot in that shirt dress, i have a few myself. love them but like you I don't know if its a shirt or a dress LOL

  18. Yay for a great Valentine's Day! We stayed in seems easier than fighting the crowds. I love your living room (especially your couch!!!)

  19. We have that same rug in our living room - LOVE it! Sounds like you had a great Valentine's day.

  20. so happy to see your pretty face on here again!!
    i feel the same way about those dresses, but you know i buy them too when they are $3.74. thank heavens for $4 leggings. :)

    i can't wait to see more of your room!!

  21. very sweet card, indeed.
    and i SO laughed at the "or tomorrow, whatever works." part;) heck yeah! italian take-out two days in a row? LOVE.
    i really like your living room!
    and i know what you mean about those little dresses. haha.

  22. you're a hottie! i'm going to buy one of these dresses you speak looks comfy.

  23. is that lingerie?
    okay I am going to sleep now.

  24. hi! so cute today :) nice to see you! have to say ditto on the shorty dresses. what IS up? why can't they add a mere 3" of fabric. also, dude. can't believe we're painting our family room the same color as yours! we've had the test squares up for like 2 months and just havent found a weekend to make it happen. love that color!! xoxo

  25. Cute blog!

    I just found your blog through one of the weekend blog hops! Have a great day.

    Amanda @

  26. so, what you're saying is that i shouldn't wear those dresses to church?

  27. what? i don't think that dress looks too short at all, i think it looks super cute, esp. with the cardi.

  28. so very sweet. The living room looks lovely & you are gorgeous. :)

  29. So sweet. I love those words; even though your husband didn't write it, he certainly picked out what he feels in his heart. I could melt with those words.:-) My hubby too is just as sweet as yours. More years for you and your hubby to share with.:-)

  30. How sweet! You look really cute in that "dress" and I love the rug in your living room :)

  31. Yep...that's a pretty great card for sure :)
    I like your blog!

  32. so flippin cute! love this post--ps--you are rockin the "dress":)