Tuesday, January 18

headband swap extravaganza

ya'll are crazy! in a good way.
i thought, like, two people would email me.
FIFTY of you emailed me, and i love each one of you for it.

please read all of this.

i will be emailing you your swap partner's information tomorrow morning. please don't share this with anyone else, cause, uh, that would be creepy.

the goal is that we will be spending around the same amount of money to keep this thing fair.
$20 okay with everyone? ok, good. please try to keep your purchase at or around $20.

…meaning, if you find a killer headband for $9…you buy TWO.

since some of us are going to be purchasing our headbands online, and we need a little time, i am asking that we all ship our headbands by january 31st. that is january 31st, ya heard? i am also asking, cause i think it would be super cool, if you are ordering your headband online, from etsy, or wherever else, that you first have it shipped to you. this way you can handwrite a note and package it however you want, before sending it to your fabulous new friend. since today is the 18th, you should have time to order a headband, get it, package it lovely, write to your friend, and have it in the mail by the 31st.

some of you asked if you could make your partner's headband.
gonna go with a strong MAYBE on this one.

YES if you make beautiful headbands that you yourself would wear. again, please keep in mind the $20 factor. we want this to be fair. if you sell your headbands for $5, please include 4.

NO if this is the first headband you ever made and it is covered in hot glue.


i will be putting all your names in a hat, diaper bag, or pot, whichever is closest, and having my dashing husband pick two out at a time. and that is how your partner will be chosen. who knew forever friendships were formed in such a way?!

the second week in february i will have a post all about my headband swap with whomever my partner is. this post will have a linky party so you can all share your blog posts about it, and we see what everyone else got.

some of you are reading this and thinking, dude, what is she talking about? i want in! as long as i have your email with the following information by tomorrow morning then you are IN , my friend.

name (first and last):
blog URL:
email address:
snail mail address:
what are your favorite colors?
anything quirky your swap partner should know:
(examples: i have a huge head, i would never ever ever wear the color purple in a headband, etc ;))


if i do not have all your info by tomorrow morning you will, sadly, not be included in the swap of all swaps. so, email me. and that includes all of you who already emailed me as interested but have not gotten back to me with your info.



  1. Awesome! So excited. And, I must ask- how do you create your awesome little text graphics- so cool! :)

  2. I can hardly wait to get your email!!!

  3. awesome turn out!!! oh i just can't wait to wear my new headband from a new blogging BFF!

  4. I'm so excited! Can't wait to see who your husband picks as my new friend :)

  5. Yay! I cannot wait! Thanks for this awesome idea :)

  6. YG{more}M I would also love to know how you make the cute text graphics. So cute!

  7. im so pumped. this is the kinda that brightens a stay at home mamas day!

  8. freakin' excited for my new headband from a new bloggy bestie :) :)

  9. woooo hooo! what a great turnout! can't wait to swap!

  10. I don't think I have ever been so excited to check my email! I don't know how I'll get through work!!!

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  12. Dang it I didn't see this in time. What a great idea! I hope you do it again :)

  13. so i was just scrolling through your last few blogs, and i saw that fancy font that says "headband swap" BUT i read "husband swap" and thought how is she gonna pull this off?

    let me know how that goes for ya! bahahaha.